Sunday, January 10, 2010

The end of... Snowboarding

So I finally am giving up... on snowboarding. For those of you that don't even know I own a snowboard.. I can give some background.

I got a brand new snowboard a few years ago when my family bought the cabin in North Carolina near Beech Mountain. Well, I took a first lesson to get started and all seemed to work out well. I had an "ok" time snowboarding. However, it took me a lot of time to "want to go". I never "wanted to go" snowboarding. I would always avoid. The few times that I did go, I pretty much went down heelside the whole time. I am absolutely terrified of getting any speed. Anyway, I really wanted to be able to alternate between toeside and heel side (heel side is your back toward the mountain and toeside is facing the mountain).  The one time I tried to alternate between the two I fell backwards down the mountain bruising my tailbone and hitting my head hard. That was the last time I snowboarded at Beech Mountain. The next time, I went skiing

II used my moms skis and went skiing with Ivan. Now, skiing definitely had its positives. It was easier to get off the lifts (you just basically put your feet down and go), it was also easier just because you had to separate feet (rather than two feet strapped to a board). I enjoyed it... until... Ivan took my on a blue slope (a bit harder slope than a green) and I wedged (basically a beginner skiers braking mechanism) the whole way down. Well for any of you who know about skiing... wedging takes a lot of leg strength and so I was pretty tired at that point. Well when my strength was gone, I hit an ice patch, couldn't stop and sat on my skis... causing more problems. I went flying toward the edge of the mountain. It was probably one of the most terrifying things I have experienced. I then luckily fell to the side and stopped...I was going to fast for Ivan to catch up with me to stop me. At that point, I didn't feel like skiing was the thing either. 

So, I decided this winter to give snowboarding another shot... I got another lesson. I wanted to learn how to go toe side to heel side.. and guess what... I learned! I actually did ok... I was able to go between the two pretty smoothly. However, I realized something in the few moments I was doing that... I don't like snowboarding.. I am sure I could do it.. and I probably could get better. However, the whole time I am doing it.. I am afraid of picking up speed and I am afraid of losing control (which is really easy to do on a board)... I finally learned the thing I wanted to do (toeside to heelside transition).. and I STILL didn't like it. Anyway, a long story short.. I really WANT to LIKE snowboarding.. but I don't.. so... I am hanging up my snowboard... not because I can't do it.. because I could.. but because I don't like it... and I just don't feel like having the amount of courage it takes to strap something to my feet and fly down a mountain. To make matters worse....5 min. before the lesson ended... I was transitioning to heelside... and I got the edge and AGAIN went backwards down the mountain, hurting my tailbone and head.. no thanks. How I would LOVE to snowboard...but... I would have to make myself LIKE it. (if that makes any sense). 

I am going back to skiing... Ivan is going to try to teach me how to stop without the wedge... so I will have more control. We will see. I guess I will never be a badass gal who can snowboard... I think I can live with that! 

And to end this post... I am selling my snowboard. It has probably been used maybe a total of 10 times going down a mountain... thats it. Hopefully.. I will find a buyer. 

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  1. I have always been waaaay too scared to try snowboarding... skiing was always much more appealing to me. Good for you for trying it out!