Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a boring update

So, life has been extremely crazy lately. In December, Ivan and I flew down to Florida for my sister's wedding. Everything was so busy I barely had time to breath. The day after the wedding we flew back home to Rockville just to shove everything in a bigger suitcase and drive down to TN on Monday. We spent all of Christmas there and came back home for the new year.

Ivan got on a contract with Lockheed which will finally allow us to move to TX. I am just now trying to get a transfer to one of the KPMG Texas offices. I will be so excited to finally get out of this area up here. It has been so cold lately. On that, I think that some people just are better with cold. I was walking down the street from the metro to my work place and I saw two to three girls wearing skirts with nylons on. I am surprised their legs haven't frozen off. I wear skirts in the winter sometimes but I usually wear my black spandex skiing pant things under. But just nylons! I did that once and my legs were numb by the time I got to the office. Anyway, that was a side note.

So far Ivan has been taking this winter season to ski. Every weekend we have been skiing (well I haven't. I have been chilling and reading in the lodge). I have been trying to get some things done that just need to get done. I feel like lately my life has been moving in a fast pace but I am moving in slow motion.

So in updating a previous post, I still have not decided what I want to do with my life. I know that I still want to use the knowledge I have now but maybe not in the same way. I don't know.. but I am sure I will get guidance from the Lord some time. Right now, I am just staying put.

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  1. After your move to Texas you and Ivan will have an "excuse" to go to New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and the other states that have ski resorts because we don't have any in Texas. Apparently the artificial (!) one that was going to be built near Dallas has succumbed to the recession.