Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stress? ... Nah

So, I haven't had time to really update this recently. I feel like Ivan and I have been going, going, going and just haven't had time to breath. It feels weird that I am already overwhelmed and exhausted, especially since I just got back from vacation time. So in order to efficiently update what is going on.. this blog is going to be divided into categories :). So here goes:

Work is crazy! I am on a small client right now which basically means a lot of work in a small time frame. It is like an entire audit in 4 weeks. This means I have to move quickly. I am sort of overwhelmed with it because I don't see myself finishing in time... and I hate that. I have also had my schedule changed a million times. After this client I was supposed to be going to Minnesota for 2 weeks. But then, I got put on a forensic engagement instead. However, then I found out I was on an IT job. Therefore, I have no clue where I will be working in the next few weeks.

I also am still trying to get this dang transfer. It looks like Houston will be the most likely location for a transfer if I get one. I would leave really soon if I could. DC is just eating all our money. Our rent and bills are just ridiculously high. It is all confusing... because we know we want to move "soon" but we don't know when it will happen so planning is tough. We are just waiting for the Lord to open some doors. Dallas was our first choice but we will take anything out of this area! I also am getting antsy.. the more I am home, the more I enjoy myself...working "outside of the home" is becoming my least favorite thing.

Bible Study
So.. to make it all "less complicated" I am studying the most complicated book of the Bible. I am doing Beth Moore's new Revelation study. Now, it is not a lot of homework but that actually makes it worse because I have to do the research on my own if I want to deeply understand things.

I am actually doing one thing that I really enjoy right now. I am in charge of planning this baby shower in February. I am extremely excited about this. I am going to be making this Noah's Ark cake and I already made this invite (because I didn't like any of the ones I found). I just basically love planning... Maybe that is a sick thing.. but this is why I think I would be really happy being a wedding planner or even an event planner.

Going along with the "overwhelmed" theme of this blog. Ivan and I are planning on moving our Brazil trip up a bit. We need a break and we think that would be a great idea. I can take about one week of vacation before I am in the negative. We are thinking that is what we will do. (however, I definitely don't have time to learn Portuguese by then)

Ok.. enough for now.. now wasn't that a fun blog? Not.. lol. On a good note.. I fit into my skinnier work pants.. so I must have lost a few inches with the stress.. at least one benefit.



  1. I am stressed just reading this. All that you do.

  2. That was from me Lindsey, your mom. It put me down as Anonymous.