Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 6 Disney Paris

Today we decided to go to Disneyland Paris. It was quite interesting. There was a variety of different languages the entire day. The majority was French however. I did run into two little girls from the UK who looked at me as if I was strange because I didn’t have their accent. It was sorta funny.

Anyway, when we first arrived we were under the impression that Belle’s castle was in France.. of course we were wrong and it was Sleeping Beauty. The castle was so neat! You could go inside and see all the stained glass etc. It was pretty neat.

We went on a lot of different rides, most of which were the same as the US. One that was AMAZINGLY different was Space Mountain. I got on the ride thinking it was going to be like Disneyworld or Disneyland (since I have been on both). However, it was like neither… I got on the ride and the shoulder harnesses came down and I looked at Ivan and asked “does this go upside down???” and he said “YES! Didn’t you see the sign!” HAHA.. so I was in for a surprise.. a good one! It was like the hulk ride from Islands of Adventure but better as it was inside and completely dark with stars and planets. It was so cool. Best ride of the park in my opinion!

We also went on another unique ride… Indiana Jones. Now I know there is an Indiana Jones in Disneyland Anaheim BUT this was a rollercoaster and it was outside. It was quite different and REALLY short I might add!

We also went on it’s a small world and found it funny that the US was depicted by Cowboys, Hollywood, and American football…  Ivan and I both laughed.

We thought it was even more funny when we excited the park and went to the Disney Village right outside and found three main restaurants, a Planet Hollywood, a Cowboy restaurant, and a NY sports bar… very funny! We ate at Planet Hollywood because the French restaurant in the Fantasy Land was all booked up L.

I have a few general comments regarding our experience to Disneyland Paris:

-       I have NEVER seen a park so crowded. Even on the most crowded day at Disneyworld.. it has never been this bad. Many times we couldn’t even walk because there were so many people. It was like coming out of a concert after it ends… that packed!!!
-       There is some gap in ethics between France and US… people cut in line all the time.. and let their kids go out of control and bump into you and. . I am sure I am making a generalization but this has been our experience. Every time we are in a crowded area there always seems to be a sign saying “beware of pick pockets”!
-       People smoke EVERYWHERE… I mean seriously we did not wait in ONE line where someone did not light up. I mean it is ridiculous!!!... This also goes along with the ethics comment as well. There are DESIGNATED SPOTS for smoking in Disney but they are COMPLETELY ignored… people are smoking ALL over the place.. it is seriously disgusting… It was the worst part of the day
-       People are a BIT thinner than the US.. HOWEVER with all the smoking I can see why! I find that Americans tend to think Parisians are healthier because they are thinner… but the smoking is ridiculous.. that is all I have to say. Again, these are generalization (not referring to you Marina or Moussa if you happen to read this)

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  1. Lindsey -

    Hope you're having a great time on your trip. . .sorry we did not get a chance to chat prior to you leaving. It has been fun following your pictures and blog, you guys are doing a great job documenting everything!

    Peter and I noticed the same thing about Disneyland Paris with the smoking, it was our number one complaint. On our trip we had spent a few days at Disneyland Paris, we lucked out with no crowds. . .but even with the small amount of people in the park, we noticed the same thing with the pick pockets.

    I noticed that you mentioned the no pictures in the Louvre and Notre Dame. . .I know most of the signs when we were there stated no flash pictures, but still photos with no flash were okay. Did that change?

    How awesome that you have contacts in Paris, that must help with the language barrier significantly! Make sure you try a macaron and religieuse before you leave (Laduree's were incredible!) - some of the best pastries I've ever had!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    AuRevoir -