Friday, March 19, 2010

Paris Days 4 and 5 (Thursday and Friday)

The 4th and 5th days of Paris were somewhat interesting.

Day 4 Thursday
On Thursday (the 4th day), we went to see Notre Dame. It was very beautiful inside but it has this really sad vibe which is so depressing for a church. They also were CHARGING for these prayers with candles.. just seemed wrong.

We went up the towers… which was by stairs. They didn’t warn anyone that you have to climb to the top… but we did it.. (it was a lot!). The view was great from the top…

After that we went go this other church in what seemed like a bad area of town. This church sits high on a hill and over looks the whole city. It was pretty neat as well. The inside was similar to Notre Dame (in the sad feeling). They were still having mass in this church too. Then we walked down like a side ally and came to a square with all these artists. There were a few painting Paris and others who painted real life photos of you… Ivan and I almost got the self-portraits but decided against it. We wanted a painting of Paris but they were soooo expensive.

There were many different crepe places in this area so we got nutella crepes.. before leaving to come back and have a great dinner..

Day 5 Friday
This day Ivan and I went off on our own. We first stopped by the bakery and got a baguette to share. Then we bought metro day passes and while we waited for the RER train, we ate the baguette with some brie cheese we bought earlier.

The train we originally got on confused us… it deviated from the metro map. Luckily a nice French lady saw that we were confused in the train and explained that the particular train we got on… was a train deviating from the map… whew so confusing.

We finally got to our destination (after a few transfers)… Versailles… It was very amazing.. we walked through the whole thing with our audio guides in English… which was really nice to have. It was very gorgeous inside. We have plenty of video from the inside… no pictures though since it was obviously forbidden.

After Versailles we went to this place called the Grande Arche.. it is basically a big arche and huge nearby shopping center. We were only here for a little bit since we didn’t really want to shop. We were also tired from walking everywhere.. therefore, we headed back to the house. (Of course on the way back, we stopped by the bakery again for some yummy treats.. and a quiche).  Oh and btw.. at the shopping center.. we were looking at the map of the area (because there were multiple buildings).. and sure enough one of them was KPMG.. sorta cool

Again... please see the facebook and Ivan's youtube (link below) for more..

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