Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update on Everything... and getting ready for France

I realized today that I probably should write another blog since it has been awhile since any updates have been made (and so much has happened in that amount of time). Again, I think I am going to break this into sections:

After all the anticipation, I finally am going to Texas. KPMG Houston accepted my transfer request and Ivan and I are moving in May. My official start date is May 17th so we will be moving the week before then. Ivan and I really feel like God finally opened this door. We had idea whether we were going to even go to Texas (and we hadn’t decided between Houston or Dallas). I had put in the transfer request but with the way the economy is going, it wasn’t a sure thing by any means. I am getting a small decrease in salary because of the move but Ivan and I feel like it is worth it. The great thing about Houston is that we have relatives there. My Uncle Russell and Aunt Reba live near there and I am excited about getting to spend time with them. Additionally, I met a KPMG colleague from the Houston office at my training last Spring and we have stayed in touch. Him and his wife are excited about getting together. That is great for Ivan and I since we will have friends there before we even move. We are taking a trip to Houston in a few weeks to determine where we will live (basically we will be apartment shopping). We are both so excited. We hope to be able to buy a house once we live there for about a year.

Ivan and I a booked  a trip to Brazil and our visa applications got denied. Long story short, after a ton of hassle, we got our flights changed and we are now going to France. Of course, being the type A high stress individual that I am... this trip is causing a lot of stress for me. If I had had more time than a week to plan for it.. I probably wouldn't feel this way. Either way, I think I will enjoy myself as long as I can figure out a plan for the currency exchange and getting around. Being in a foreign country where you don't know the language is always scary I assume. I won't have my cell phone either since stupid Verizon doesn't have GSM phones.. ERG!!

Bible Study:
So I have been chugging along with my Beth Moore Revelation study. It is really crazy. We aren’t into anything too complicated yet but I know it is coming. I am excited to learn more but I have this feeling that I can’t learn fast enough! Anyway, I will be working through this during the move more than likely, it will be interesting. I have a whole lot more to say regarding this study and my own personal thoughts but I will save that for a separate post.

So the next few blogs will probably be about Franch. I plan on posting a blog for every day there. However, they may be posted a one bulk time since I don't know what Internet capabilities I will have.

Thats all for now..

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