Friday, April 23, 2010

Political Upset and Frustrations

So, I edited my blog font, colors, and picture. I just was really getting sick of that tree thing. It was pretty but it was getting annoying. So I picked a different picture. I don't know how long it will stay before I get bored of it... but we will see.

Anyway, I watched the news this morning... and I shouldn't have. All it did was absolutely frustrate me for the day (not to mention scare me).

Obama is still pushing through the VAT tax idea... however it is on the back burner until after the November election most likely. 77% of Americans do NOT want it. Now, why in the world would they pass it? I know! I know! because 1) they don't care what constituents want 2) they want us to be fully dependent on the federal government and 3) they are NOW trying to get down the debt. Oh and btw.. they are STILL trying to blame the debt on Bush. YES Bush did cause a lot of debt.. However, Obama's stimulus bills have done almost NOTHING for the economy AND they incurred more debt than all the past presidents combined. You cannot blame that on Bush! I love how Obama got elected by talking all about how "high" the debt was.. and he cause even more. More debt than this nation has ever seen.

Oh and now they want the VAT tax.. to cover the stupid health care bill and the debt. How about reducing spending? What a GREAT concept? If I wasn't able to cover my debt,... I don't have the option of bringing IN more money.. I only have the option of cutting my expenses. This is what the government needs to do. Right now.. the people are working for the health of the government. I though the government was created to help the people.. but it seems VERY opposite right now.

The American dream has been turned upside down. Why would I want to put myself through school to get a great career.. when I know I could do less and not pay as much in tax. Right now, individuals and married couples making over 250K (which may be a lot in Oklahoma but definitely NOT in NY)... hit AMT (which takes away almost all of the deductions available to them). They also will now have more tax from the health care bill. Oh, ya and there is a new bill in Congress for "green" schools which have already been proven to use MORE energy. The normal wage earner in this country will pay between $50-$400 dollars extra in tax if this passes. Any couple making more than 250K will pay an extra $4,000!!!!! How ridiculous is this?!

You know, I had a very wise professor once that gave an analogy. He said, "my grading scale works like this.. if you make an A you will get a B, if you make a B+ you will get a B and if you make a C you will make a B, and if you make a D you will get a B... because... we will be redistributing your points to those who made less points". All the A people who worked really hard in class, had much more stress, and gave up fun activities to get their grades screamed! All the people who had spent time slacking, partying, having fun, and made Cs and Ds thought the system was pretty "fair"..This seems soooo absurd when put in the terms of grades... but of course with money.. it is "ok"

I am just so mad at this country right now. I feel like I should just stop watching the news because it is getting absolutely ridiculous. I hate working when I feel like the government is doing everything they can to take the money I earn away from me. There is no motivation to even work hard anymore.

I also find it intersting the democratic Senator Byrd from West Virginia was even upset at how the democrats are using "reconciliation" to pass controversial legislation. He was so mad because that was never the purpose of it...

I am just all over the place with my thoughts right now...


  1. You are going to need those free High Blood Pressure drugs, very soon, indeed. LOL :) I wish more of today's youth would be concerned like you are.

  2. You are so right on Lindsey, the only thing I can say is we all need to vote the idiots out, the Tea Party needs to adopt a platform stating we are going back to what our Founding Fathers built this nation on. Take an oath not to violate it, and take back this country.