Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Charm Bracelet

So…I wanted to blog about something completely frivolous but interesting to me … my charm bracelet.

I got a Tiffany’s charm bracelet a few years ago. I never used to wear it though. I have always loved the idea of having a charm bracelet though –ever since I saw my mother’s charm bracelet years ago. Last year, I decided to start adding charms to the bracelet... I really wanted to add charms that have to do with different things in my life. So… Ivan and I went and picked out some charms (that I would be getting for Christmas).

So, here are the first charms that I got:
Dog bone (from Zales): Can you guess what this charm represents in my life? You guessed right! My little fuzz-butt Harmony

Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet (from Zales): Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan… I have cowboys PJ pants too… I live in Houston… but I am not a Houston Texan fan..

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon (from Swarovski): These charms don’t fit on my bracelet, but I found a way to at least fit one… Swarovski lobster claw clips though don’t fit on my links (I had to hook it to the one small link that I have)… anyway this charm represents a charity that I really care about. I haven’t been able to do any walks yet because my busy season used to be on October… I plan to do one soon.

After Christmas I got another charm:
Palm Tree (from Tiffanys): This charm represents a place that I lived and went to school… Florida!

Then I got a really important charm to me… My mom used to have a charm on her bracelet that I really loved. It was a little clear jar of mustard seeds. It is a representation of the verse: (QUOTE)
She gave it to me after I started my charm bracelet. Sadly it is really fragile so I may have to take it off my bracelet in hopes of preserving it. Anyway, this charm represents faith in Christ..

In February/March:
Eiffel Tower Charm (from Tiffanys): This charm represents my trip to Paris with my husband!
May 2010: I got three different charms!

Cowboy Boot (from World of Charms): This charm is really cute on one side, it says Houston, and on the other side it says Texas… Do I REALLY have to explain what this represents? Lol

Daisy (from World of Charms): My favorite flower

Ballet Dancer (from World of Charms): I used to dance for alike 5 years … so this represents that time..

I am still planning on getting a charm that represents my time in the DC area.. I am debating whether I should get a national monument to represent “DC” or if I should get a crab to represent Maryland where I actually lived. Feel free to voice your opinion…

So.... ya.. completely pointless post.. but I figured it would be fun.