Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Charm Bracelet

So…I wanted to blog about something completely frivolous but interesting to me … my charm bracelet.

I got a Tiffany’s charm bracelet a few years ago. I never used to wear it though. I have always loved the idea of having a charm bracelet though –ever since I saw my mother’s charm bracelet years ago. Last year, I decided to start adding charms to the bracelet... I really wanted to add charms that have to do with different things in my life. So… Ivan and I went and picked out some charms (that I would be getting for Christmas).

So, here are the first charms that I got:
Dog bone (from Zales): Can you guess what this charm represents in my life? You guessed right! My little fuzz-butt Harmony

Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet (from Zales): Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan… I have cowboys PJ pants too… I live in Houston… but I am not a Houston Texan fan..

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon (from Swarovski): These charms don’t fit on my bracelet, but I found a way to at least fit one… Swarovski lobster claw clips though don’t fit on my links (I had to hook it to the one small link that I have)… anyway this charm represents a charity that I really care about. I haven’t been able to do any walks yet because my busy season used to be on October… I plan to do one soon.

After Christmas I got another charm:
Palm Tree (from Tiffanys): This charm represents a place that I lived and went to school… Florida!

Then I got a really important charm to me… My mom used to have a charm on her bracelet that I really loved. It was a little clear jar of mustard seeds. It is a representation of the verse: (QUOTE)
She gave it to me after I started my charm bracelet. Sadly it is really fragile so I may have to take it off my bracelet in hopes of preserving it. Anyway, this charm represents faith in Christ..

In February/March:
Eiffel Tower Charm (from Tiffanys): This charm represents my trip to Paris with my husband!
May 2010: I got three different charms!

Cowboy Boot (from World of Charms): This charm is really cute on one side, it says Houston, and on the other side it says Texas… Do I REALLY have to explain what this represents? Lol

Daisy (from World of Charms): My favorite flower

Ballet Dancer (from World of Charms): I used to dance for alike 5 years … so this represents that time..

I am still planning on getting a charm that represents my time in the DC area.. I am debating whether I should get a national monument to represent “DC” or if I should get a crab to represent Maryland where I actually lived. Feel free to voice your opinion…

So.... ya.. completely pointless post.. but I figured it would be fun.


  1. Get a crab. It will represent MD and the fact that living in MD made you feel crabby. LOL LOL (your own feelings, I'm not saying you WERE crabby, just that you hated living there)

  2. Catching up with you two via your interesting blogs. I can relate to long hours, but hang in there. This too shall pass!
    Love your charm bracelet and what they represent. Very nice assortment! Let me know when you do the walk and I will pledge some support on that!
    Your house is beautiful - what you posted of it!
    If you get any posts as novelconcept2, that is how google registered me somehow. But it is just me.
    Blessings to you both!

  3. Thanks Marcy, ya no problem about the google thing. I know that novelconcept is you :).