Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a General Update

So, here are some general updates on whats going on over here at the Portugal house. The last few weeks have been fun but exhausting and hectic. My family came to visit for two weeks (this included my parents and my sister and her husband). They came first for the fourth of July weekend, and then came back for my birthday weekend.

Ivan made some major accomplishments at work, although I will not even attempt to explain what it was. However, according to him it was a big deal and his team really recognized his work. This makes me happy because I feel like he has been discouraged in his work lately. I think this was definitely a boost in confidence. We are hoping that he gets the promotion that he has worked so hard in these past two years.

I also got a promotion which was effective July 1st. I am now a senior associate for KPMG. However, I can definitely say that I don't feel like a senior associate. Being at the Houston KPMG office has been a huge struggle for me. Everything works differently and the audits are all new to me. I am so used to the federal audit environment. I am slowly but surely learning everything all over again (or so it feels like). It is an awful feeling when I come into work and I feel incompetent compared to when I was in DC. Either way, I am struggling through it, and trying to make the best of it. Hopefully I will "catch up" to everyone else who has been doing commercial auditing for the past two years.

There are no new updates on the house other than that we got new bedroom furniture. I will post pictures eventually. Right now the room is just not clean so I don't really want to take the pictures. The air conditioner is still not fixed. We even went to our neighbors home to see what her humidity was. Our temp was 73 degrees and humidity was 57%, and we went to her house and her temp was 77 degrees and 47% humidity! Are you kidding me!!? Seriously, this humidity thing is a problem and I am getting sick of dealing with it. The AC guys keep saying nothing is wrong, but I hate waking up feeling like I slept in the rainforest! We called and emailed the builder to try to get this thing going again but have yet to hear back. I am hoping we don't have to take a more serious plan of action. However, we have so much documentation of the temperatures/humidity and documentation of what "normal" Houston inside humidity levels are supposed to be. I am just hoping it gets fixed. I would really like to feel comfortable in my house.

Oh, and as a side note to all of this. I have decided to get off of facebook until August 1st. My mom did it for awhile, and though I commend her for why she did it, I don't have the same reasons. I don't really spend tons of time on facebook. It is not like I am "addicted" to it. To be truthful, I probably get on and browse my mini-feed once or twice a day. The problem for me is that it causes me to feel jealous. I see my friends who are no longer working and just being stay at home moms, or are buying a bigger house, or are making leaps in their careers, or are getting higher levels of education... etc.. and I become discontent with my life. This has always been a bit of a problem for me but I think facebook as elevated it to a new level. It is like an easy way to compare yourself to others which is NOT what Christ wanted. I feel like facebook makes it very easy to swing from jealous to prideful. Let me explain. You see someone's status "Just bought a new home...5,000 square feet ! Oh ya and my husband just found out he is of royal blood and is now the King of Frutalia" (Ok I am totally making these up .. duh.. but you are getting the point). So you start to think "wow.. she really has it made.. what am I doing in my life? Why don't I have those things? what is wrong with me?" and you start to get jealous. Then 5 minutes later, another friend posts her wedding pictures and you are hoping that this won't be another thing you fall short in. So you look through the pictures and you think "oh.. my wedding was so much prettier.. my dress was better.. oh look at that and that and that.. ya mine was better" (Again these are all exaggerated examples).. but here comes the pride. Now you aren't jealous because you think "I am better" or "I had a better thing" or "I have more"...etc. Now maybe not everyone experiences this with facebook.. but I can say I do and I know other people who have as well. I think it is a very innocent technology which can have detrimental consequences if we don't guard our hearts.

Anyway, this blog has gone long enough..sorry for the intensity at the end..  I have to get going on work stuff.. later



  1. You are absolutely right. I think the blogging idea is so good because you can go back and read blogs from 2 years ago and SEE the progress in your own life and see that your prayers have been answered. We all should follow the plan that God has for our lives, not the plan that God has for others. FB does indeed try to get us to desire the path that others are on. I am sitting on the porch rocking chair, looking at the sparrows, and seeing that they don't work, they just trust and allow God to provide for them. God does require humans to work but also to trust Him in all things and be satisfied with the provisions He has allowed us to have. I love this post, especially the candor at the end. I believe many people feel the same way that you feel but would never be bold enough to admit it. Good for you.

  2. I totally agree with you about the jealousy/pridefull part of what facebook brings out in us. I have often felt the same jealousy by reading other peoples post. What I try to remember is most people only put the great things going on in their life and very few will put what REALLY is going on in their life.