Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

Ok, so I normally hate it when people post these types of blogs.. but I am going to HA! .. :)

I have seriously the best husband in the world... let me explain. So this last weekend, I had to work... which is awful. However, the worst part about that is it gave me very little time to do anything around the house (as I had to do it after church on Sunday). I also had to make pieces for this cake that is due this weekend.

Anyway, so I had written out a list of everything I needed to get done. It went something like this: 1) laundry, 2) tidy house, 3) make cake figures, 4) seal grout, 5) clean guest room.

The most important thing on this list was the cake figures. Therefore, right after church, I got to work on them. Boy did I work.., and work.. and work.. and work. I had to redo them a few times because the stuff I got to make them wasn't working out. I basically was at my wits end (not to mention the inability to make these characters perfect was taking a shot at my self esteem). Either way, about 1/3 of my way through this project which was failing miserably... I realized I needed cornstarch. In my frenzy, I yelled to Ivan to go get some (and I am pretty sure I didn't even say please)... I know what a bad wife I am :(. Anyway... did manage to get ONE other thing PARTIALLY done on my list... I threw the darks into the washer (though I never did take them out of the washer).

Now.. as I was frantically doing all of this.. Ivan was doing things around the house... At some point during the day probably around 5pm.. I was walking into our bathroom fully frustrated.. and I saw a sign on the door saying "Stop, don't step on the grout". I knew what this meant!!! Ivan had sealed the grout!!!... I didn't even know that! wow, was I impressed. Of course, that didn't keep me from my bad mood ...  Now, I basically worked on these stupid characters until 9:30 at night (at that point it was time to hit the sack)... but I really wanted to take a bath first (my own personal stress relief)... as I started to walk towards the bathroom, this is what I noticed, folded laundry on the couch, the laundry that was in the washer was on the drying rack, and as I walked into the bathroom.. i saw a bathtub filled with BUBBLES (we did NOT have bubble bath).... Ivan basically had purchased 2 different bubble baths when he went to the store to get the corn starch.. what a sweet man! and he had poured a bath for me!!! and he did the laundry!!! and he sealed the grout!!! and he made the bed!!! and he vacuumed the entire house!!! Now....I have to say.. he is truly the sweetest husband.. what more could I ask for! :)


  1. Way to go, Ivan! What a sweetheart! Linz, you have EVERY right to write a post on this. It is only annoying when people write posts like this with nothing to back them up, but you most certainly have the facts to justify your writing of this post. Ivan, you are a great husband! Good going!

  2. This is awesome. Sounds like Ivan is certainly a keeper!! You are a blessed woman!!

  3. Great upbeat blog Linz. Ivan is truly a great husband. Now the hard part is to try to find enough stuff to keep you busy next weekend so you can get out of having to do the grouting in the rest of the house. *hehe* (Ivan don't read this)

  4. Ivan is a great husband and friend to you. Both of you should never forget to appreciate each other as he has shown here. A marriage is a great partnership, that has no barriers on who does what around the house or anywhere else.


  5. So sweet! Love it when Andrew does stuff like this, too :)