Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Texas House... Part 1

Ok, so I finally decided to post some pictures of the house. Please note that I will post MORE pictures as soon as the office and my bedroom are finally organized. Also, as with any house.. it is a work in progress so I will continue to post pictures of new things that are added (or painted) etc. Anyway.. here we go....

This is the dining room... this is my parents' dining room furniture that is really pretty and is a great placeholder until we can afford some of our own stuff.

Now the dining room has a matching room right next to it.. and it has a bunch of junk in it right now (mainly artwork that is either waiting to be hung or waiting to be put on a bookcase. I probably will post a picture of it in a later blog.

This to the right is the kitchen, eating, and family room area. This sofa will eventually move into the living room.. AGAIN when we have money to buy another sofa.. :) (hopefully one with a sleeper so all our family can enjoy the "awesomeness" of sleeping on a thin mattress covering metal bars... :)

Here is the eating area.. which we never eat at .. but it is there to look pretty :) isnt it pretty?

More of the kitchen and our AWESOME Texas bar stools.. yeehaw!

And... believe it or not.. I just accidentally deleted all the other pictures I had posted in this blog.. and though.. I can re-upload them, I am not at the particular computer that holds those photos.. so.. until next time... hopefully this will at least tide those over who have been begging for pictures..


  1. What a great house! I love the island!

  2. Thanks Amanda!... Hopefully we can have some people over from Bible study sometime here.. :)