Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Month of July in a snapshot!!

My life the last month...

Let me tell you that lately life has been CRAZY... Here is what has happened in this month.

1st week in July- My parents came and stayed with us for a 4th of July party
2nd week in July - My parents were still here for my b-day
3rd week in July- Crazy work week----we even worked the weekend, leaving a very short Sunday weekend
4th weekend-Ryan was here... (and I got almost no sleep) as on Friday before the weekend, I was up until 1 pm making that cake that ya'll saw. On Saturday, I was up early clean the house before Ryan got here around noon,  and then we all went to Wild West (which is a country bar with dancing and karaoke). We were at Wild West until about 2am... then I went to bed. Sunday, we decided not to go to church (ya I know we are heathens!)... Yet, I still woke up a bit before 8. Then, Ryan had the great idea to not chill around the house (ah!) but to go to an Astros game (of which you all saw pictures).  So Sunday basically played out like: Shipleys for kolaches and donuts...then Baseball game... then soccer game (Ivan's indoor soccer league.. Ryan scored the only goal, with an assist from Ivan!), then Chuys (for some YUMMY creamy jalapeno dip...), and then bed... Oh and then this week I have been working from 7am to about 9pm... for quarter close.. craziness!!!!

So... can anyone see that I am excited for this weekend.... I will have NOTHING to do.. oh wait! except for laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and all the chores that have been pushed off... oh well! Yet... to kick off the weekend... I have BRAD PAISLEY tickets on Friday! WOOT!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Astro's Game!

Soo... the other day we went to the Astro's game... it was super fun. The stadium was pretty awesome. Anyway... here are some pictures..I was so tired at the game but I was glad we went. Our tickets were like $7 dollars... how amazing is that? That is basically cheaper than a movie. Ryan bought the tickets for us so that was super nice.

 There was a hard choice here.. flash or no flash... well the camera chose for me .... no flash.

Isn't this awesome though... you can see the field from the main area that you walk around.. so you don't HAVE to be in your seat to watch the game.

 Yup.. we were in the nose-bleed section... but the view was still pretty awesome.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

House Pictures Part 2

Ok I can finally post more pictures.... I got the house clean for the most part since my friend Ryan was here. Now, I am not posting a picture of the extra room and the living room because for the most part there is just stuff in those rooms and they are not decorated in any way. The house is a 4/3 though.

So here are the pictures.
This is the master bedroom. It took us forever to find that comforter new. We really liked it when we saw it at the furniture store, but the ones at the furniture store really aren't "clean" so we bought it off line. We love our new Paula Deen furniture.. and our Tempurpedic-Tempurcloud king bed :)
We each have one nightstand on each side (finally no more climbing over each other to turn off the alarms!)

This is our dresser and have a matching bench that normally would go at the foot of the bed but we really liked it against that wall (that is Ryan sitting there). We plan on switching the large TV from the family room into the Master, and switching the TV here into the guest room (and getting a much larger screen for the family room.. all in time though... and you can see Harmony's crate right there next to the dresser.

This is the bathroom....

We got some brown and coral colored towels to match with the bedspread for the bathroom... the bathroom will also probably be painted at some point (along with the bedroom)!.

This is our laundry room.. and no I did not clean it before this picture.. I just didn't have the time and I didn't want to have a part 3 post.. :) So this is it. We love that cabinet... it hold all of our cleaning supplies, extra paper towels etc, and it was a SNAP to put together... just love love love it!

Ok... now the office.. I couldn't clean up... sadly.. I just had way too many pictures to organize... and if I had waited you would probably never have pictures of this room. Anyway... this is the view as you walk in the door... (it is really hard to take pics of this room because of the size and the angles.)

This is the other corner of the room... Ivan's desk and the bookshelf..

This is the awesome legal sized two drawer filing cabinet that we got.. a dream for an organizer (eh... me!). and it works great as a printer stand as well (you can see the door you get in right well). I am hoping that you can really picture this whole room despite the piece by piece pictures!

One more to help with the room dimension...

This is the newly established guest room. Ivan and I are eventually going to re-finish the furniture.. but for now.. this is it. We basically moved our old master bedroom stuff into this room. We will most likely paint the room light blue and and the furniture black.. this is our old queen tempurpedic bed (yes we provide a tempurpedic bed for our guests at hotel portugal :) :) ... you know you want to visit *wink*). This is also my favorite comforter from pottery barn. I love it like crazy and it took be forever to find it back before we got married...Now.. it is in the guest room because it doesn't fit the king.  Somehow I managed to take this picture without the elliptical machine in view (you can see the base of it right on the other side of the bed though if you look closely)

The other side (this is where the other TV will go when we make the switch). That is Ryans hat.

The guest bath.... that yellow towel is usually on the shower rack and I have navy towels and yellow hand towels on that rack... however the guys totally rearranged the room before I got to take the picture.. :(...

Yes I have already posted this view before.. however... notice the new addition? We hung our sconces!!! We figured this was a GREAT place to put them!

Yes you have also seen this view before too.. HOWEVER.. have you seen the bookcases... NOPE! those are totally new. Since we couldn't afford a wall unit (right now)... this was the next best thing. We had this same "make shift" wall unit in MD as well. The bookcases then were VERY wobbly and cheap... so we invest just a pic more (still from Walmart though).. and purchased these They will probably last us awhile and we will move them somewhere...

So there you go... as I mentioned before the only two rooms you haven't seen are the empty other room/bathroom and the living room... Heck.. fine I will show you a picture of the living room (the hammock however is now gone!)... but it pretty much still looks like a disaster.

So.. how do you like it? :)