Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Month of July in a snapshot!!

My life the last month...

Let me tell you that lately life has been CRAZY... Here is what has happened in this month.

1st week in July- My parents came and stayed with us for a 4th of July party
2nd week in July - My parents were still here for my b-day
3rd week in July- Crazy work week----we even worked the weekend, leaving a very short Sunday weekend
4th weekend-Ryan was here... (and I got almost no sleep) as on Friday before the weekend, I was up until 1 pm making that cake that ya'll saw. On Saturday, I was up early clean the house before Ryan got here around noon,  and then we all went to Wild West (which is a country bar with dancing and karaoke). We were at Wild West until about 2am... then I went to bed. Sunday, we decided not to go to church (ya I know we are heathens!)... Yet, I still woke up a bit before 8. Then, Ryan had the great idea to not chill around the house (ah!) but to go to an Astros game (of which you all saw pictures).  So Sunday basically played out like: Shipleys for kolaches and donuts...then Baseball game... then soccer game (Ivan's indoor soccer league.. Ryan scored the only goal, with an assist from Ivan!), then Chuys (for some YUMMY creamy jalapeno dip...), and then bed... Oh and then this week I have been working from 7am to about 9pm... for quarter close.. craziness!!!!

So... can anyone see that I am excited for this weekend.... I will have NOTHING to do.. oh wait! except for laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and all the chores that have been pushed off... oh well! Yet... to kick off the weekend... I have BRAD PAISLEY tickets on Friday! WOOT!



  1. Have a great time at the Brad Paisley concert.

  2. Hey missy miss! I believe you left out two important people who were also a part of that visit! Ahem!!! LOL