Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pedestrians.. AH!

Ok sooo.. what is UP with pedestrians in downtown Houston (or any downtown area for that matter)?! I am telling you. I have had two annoying moments in the last two days. Here are some of the lovely annoying things that have happened.

1) People not using the crosswalk. There is a REASON for the crosswalk. If I am turning left on to a road... I can SEE the people on the crosswalk so I don't run in to them. I will WAIT for them before I make the turn. However, if the person is crossing the street in the middle of the street... I may make the turn and then have to stop abruptly (and hopefully not hit them!). THEY see that it is green so they figure "I can cross here" because why waste time walking all the way to the corner to cross! Of course then they get pissed at you when you have to swerve or break suddenly. They give you that look like "hey! I am a pedestrian"... and I feel like honking at them just to scare the crud out of them!

2) People who walk as SLOW as they possibly can on the crosswalk. This is not a big deal if they are crossing in front of a bunch of stopped cars and there are no cars trying to turn. However, I literally have seen people STOP in the middle of the crosswalk to look at something. I also have seen cars miss the green light for the turn... because the person walking is walking sooooo slow. I mean when I am crossing the street and I see a car trying to turn.. I try to walk quickly. It is just polite! Omgosh.. seriously these people! I also love it when you are in a parking lot... and you wave for a pedestrian to go in front of you (to be nice)... and then they are as slow as a snail. It is as if they are the only person in the world. I don't even realize how some people can WALK that slow... my normal pace is way faster than that. I understand if the person is handicapped or elderly.. but let me tell you.. the elderly and handicapped usually walk faster than these people. It is just annoying.

Ok.. as you can tell.. I had some frustrating pedestrian issues.. haha.. just figured I would share them.


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Race, The House, and The Fall

Ok so  many things that have happened since my last detailed blog. I don't count the last one as it was more "picture" centered then actual blog centered. Anyway, I am dividing the blog into three main subsections:
1) the Race (which will discuss something I am getting involved with... which you would know if you check my facebook, 2) Our house.. and some new additions, 3) the fall.. and just general activities which have happened.

The Race

Ok everyone... I have always been really passionate about the fight against breast cancer. I have always wanted to do the Race for the Cure but I never had the time. Since breast cancer awareness month is in October, that is when most of the races occur. In DC, my busy season was smack down in the middle of October/November... which meant working weekends. Anyway, now that my busy season has migrated to January/February.... I am getting to do the race. I have already earned $200... $50 from my Aunt Reba, $50 from my previous manager in DC Damian, and my parents matched $100. I also have another matcher who will be matching $100. Therefore, I think I will have earned about $300. I really hope I can earn even more though. For this race I will be joining the KPMG team. It is a 5K which is about 2-3 miles. I can easily do that since I walk 2 miles a couple times a week with Ivan. The challenge will be the Avon walk.. in March/April. That walk is 2 days and 39 miles. I really want to do it but you have to earn at least $1000 to participate. Anyway, it will be a challenge and I haven't decide whether or not to do it. We will see. Anyway, thanks to everyone who contributed!!! I hope I will have time to take pictures.. and the I can post them for you all to see.

The House
So as you can see from my previous blog entry, we have been decorating for the fall. We also have been trying to decorate our kitchen etc. We bought a few things which I really think are cute. We also got this awesome clock from the Portugals which has a bible verse on it.

This is our butler with chalkboard that we bought. How cute right? We were really going for a cafe look in our kitchen and we though he adds an extra touch. I can also put things to buy etc on the chalkboard (which is convenient).

This is the clock... we picked it out at the Christian bookstore.. and then next thing.. the Portugals were buying it for us. We really like it.

Also, notice the pumpkin candle holder on the table. I absolutely love this. We bought two that size and two smaller ones. We realy really like them. The candles are the same type as the centerpiece in the dining room.. they really make the house smell good.

This is in the kitchen.. it is a giant coffee mug.. haha.. we just couldnt resist!

We also bought these coffee wall stickies. I usually shy away from these because I always think it would be better to actually paint. However, we love how these look over our kitchen table. It really goes with the cafe feel and is so cute! Maybe I will actually "paint" them on.. once we figure out the color we will paint our kitchen walls.

We also bought this rug for our living room. We had two rugs originally that we bought. We just couldn't decide between the two. We had multiple votes for both the rugs from different family members and in the end they were tied. Therefore, Ivan made the final decision. We chose this one because it will go great with all the different colors in our house, it is better quality than the other one, and it is more unique. We are pretty happy with the decision and Harmony loves the rug. It looks different in person... but you get the idea.

The Fall

We have been crazy crazy busy bees this fall. I have been working a lot ... and every weekend we have had something planned or so it seems. In early September, the Portugals came for a visit. They just stayed for a few days. We went to Old Town Spring and did quite a bit of shopping.. which was pretty fun. We also bought some cowboy hats. (Which will really come in handy at the rodeo next year).

We also have been pretty involved with our bible study at church. We had been going to small groups on tuesday night and then a group bible study at the church on wednesday night. Sadly, that will have to end since I can't get off a 6 that many nights a week (which is really sad). But I will be trying to sing with the worship team coming up.. which should be enjoyable...

Over the summer we went on a camping trip with our bible study and then this last weekend we also went to the Astros game (so now we have been to two Astros games). It was pretty fun... but we left before it was over to avoid the traffic. Ivan has also been going to "guys" lunches once a month with the Bible study.. called "Burger Buddies" . They try out different burger places every time.

So.. *whew* its been a lot. I didn't mention all the work and job stuff because.. ug who wants to hear about that. However, that has made the weekends all that much shorter and tougher. Ivan is also gone this week to MD so it is even worse on me..

In the upcoming weeks we will be hosting a dinner party at our house (this weekend), having a football party on Sunday, then I will have the race, then in a few weeks we will be going to the Renaissance Fair (so we have to get costumes). In November, we have thanksgiving with my parents, the renaissance fair again... then Dickens on the Strand (another dress up event).. and the TSO concert.

Sooooo many things to do. Hopefully all of them will work out and my work wont get in the way. We will see.

Thats enough for now!


Friday, September 17, 2010

My Fall Centerpiece...

Ok it has been a long time since I have posted. I have been so busy and have had very little time to just sit down and post. I decided to post this short little blog about the new centerpiece I made for fall. As most of you have seen (from my previous posts), I have a very large dining room table (from my parents). It really needs a large centerpiece. I found this one at a small eclectic store but it was ridiculously expensive. Therefore, I decided to make one myself. I bought a wood tray for the piece. This was the hardest find because most long wood trays have handles.. or they are not long enough.
Then I want to Garden Ridge and picked up these AWESOME pumpkin spice candles… the three globes, and a back of holiday potpourri. I also bought some fall flowers (which I used to make two centerpieces). In addition, I picked up some cinnamon pinecones.. love those!!
Then I created this:

I intergrated some fake leaves and some gold sparkle pods as well. It really looks great on the table. I used the remaining flowers (since I always buy too many) to create a small centerpiece for my kitchen table. I already had the vase and so I put a pinecone in the bottom and just went from there. It also sparkles from the gold pods.

The great thing is that I can use the tray and the globes to create a Christmas centerpiece as well so that it is very dual purpose. I can’t wait to get started on the Christmas one… I will also be posting some other decorating items that we have added soon.