Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pedestrians.. AH!

Ok sooo.. what is UP with pedestrians in downtown Houston (or any downtown area for that matter)?! I am telling you. I have had two annoying moments in the last two days. Here are some of the lovely annoying things that have happened.

1) People not using the crosswalk. There is a REASON for the crosswalk. If I am turning left on to a road... I can SEE the people on the crosswalk so I don't run in to them. I will WAIT for them before I make the turn. However, if the person is crossing the street in the middle of the street... I may make the turn and then have to stop abruptly (and hopefully not hit them!). THEY see that it is green so they figure "I can cross here" because why waste time walking all the way to the corner to cross! Of course then they get pissed at you when you have to swerve or break suddenly. They give you that look like "hey! I am a pedestrian"... and I feel like honking at them just to scare the crud out of them!

2) People who walk as SLOW as they possibly can on the crosswalk. This is not a big deal if they are crossing in front of a bunch of stopped cars and there are no cars trying to turn. However, I literally have seen people STOP in the middle of the crosswalk to look at something. I also have seen cars miss the green light for the turn... because the person walking is walking sooooo slow. I mean when I am crossing the street and I see a car trying to turn.. I try to walk quickly. It is just polite! Omgosh.. seriously these people! I also love it when you are in a parking lot... and you wave for a pedestrian to go in front of you (to be nice)... and then they are as slow as a snail. It is as if they are the only person in the world. I don't even realize how some people can WALK that slow... my normal pace is way faster than that. I understand if the person is handicapped or elderly.. but let me tell you.. the elderly and handicapped usually walk faster than these people. It is just annoying.

Ok.. as you can tell.. I had some frustrating pedestrian issues.. haha.. just figured I would share them.


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