Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voting.... Done!

I forgot to post this awhile ago... but sometimes I just tend to forget the pictures on my camera. So.. here are some pics that Ivan and I took after voting for the first time in Texas.. Woot!

The location....
 The Texas flag....

Skinny Jeans?

Ok... so despite my feeling that skinny jeans would make me look fat.... I bought a pair. I bought a pair from Old Navy for about $20. They are ultra stretch so they are comfortable.. and believe it or not .. I actually like them.

The whole reason I bough them was because I have some new boots.. and I really wanted to wear my boots over my jeans. Of course that would not work with my usually flare jeans. So, I bought some skinny jeans. The jury is still out regarding whether I will wear them without my boots and with heels. I CAN guarantee that I will never where them with flats as I concluded a long time ago that THAT look WILL make me look fat.. hahaha

So here are some pics..

I think that first picture looks extremely weird as I am standing in an weird position.. but anyway.. you get the picture. :)

Christmas Decorations at the Portugal House

Ok so I have been bad in not posting in awhile. We decorated our house for Christmas the last two weekends and we finally have it all set up for the most part :).

Ok so... here we go with all the pictures.  Seems as if I cannot get the pictures to situate next to each other this will just be a long blog..:

1) This is the Department 56 North Pole village that my dad spent years collecting. It is now mine as we have a house to put it up in. yay!

2) Here are some other random decorations in our house. This angel used to be my parents... but it is mind now. It moves as well. The mouse is a Charming Tail which I collect :) :). I just purchased this deer from pottery barn as well!

3) This is the singing snowman that Ivan HAD to have... it basically sings songs to our guests.. such as "ho ho ho.. who's gotta go"... soo sorry if you have to use the restroom at our house. 

 We are decorating the guest room and bathroom with Frosty... so here is a neat basket we found at Michaels for the guest bathroom. :).

This is another singing frosty in the bedroom. He plays nice music though and he doesn't have a motion sensor *whew*

This is a neat hat we picked up at Pier 1.. I jus tlove how it sparkles. We have it on the nightstand in the guest room.

 4) The Dining Room... or Winter Wonderland.. whichever you prefer :).
We hung these snowflakes from our archway.

This is the centerpiece I put together. The sleigh comes from this awesome antique place that Darby introduced me too. The main round ornament and table square also comes from there. The tree candles were my parents.. and everything else came from Garden Ridge.

I filled the sleigh with white, silver, and blue ornaments, a candle, and silver branches and white sparkly balls.
 I had to take this picture with flash so excuse the dark background... These are really unique candle holders that you fill and then place a candle on top of. I used the silver twigs and sparkly balls to create the look below :). I like the whimsical look it produces.

This is the buffet table in the dining room... :)

We also bought this tree (on sale at garden ridge) to really make the room pop.

This deer (which is really for outside use), was only about $10.. at Garden ridge. We thought it would look neat at the top of the windows.
5) Here are some additional fun thing..

6) Our Tree....
7) Our Kitchen ...

 The flower arrangement I made

8) Our Bedroom.... decorated like a gingerbread candy land :)

Ok ... so there it is... :) Hope you enjoyed all the pictures... now on for my other posts.