Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Projects

Some of you may be confused at the title (Blog Page title, not this Blog’s title) because if you ask me, it seems that this is more of a “Lindsey Ponderings” blog rather than a “Portugal Ponderings” one! Don’t get too excited though, I don’t plan on writing nearly as much as she has or will… Anyway, let’s get to the heart of this topic: Home Projects.
I never really considered myself to be a guy that fixed random stuff in the house, but I suppose that would be a good habit to have. Since some really good home projects might raise the value of our house, it’s almost like I’m in competition with all of my neighbors! I suppose the smack talk would be something like, “My backyard has plants”, “Our gutter system is improved”, or “We have an awesome tree in the front yard”, etc… Turns out that I really felt motivated last weekend to do something. Perhaps it’s my intramural sports competitive attitude that got somehow transferred to home maintenance?
So, I went to the backyard, took some measurements, went to Lowe’s, and bought some wood. I didn’t have a truck so getting everything home in one trip was quite the challenge! (see pic and youtube link below)
Still interested in what I’m doing? Keep reading… Texas is great. Houston is awesome. The house is fantastic. The church we attend is inclusive. We’ve made some good friends. But the fences suck. I mean, stink… Yo
u know that jagged look? Where the first 14 boards are facing your side, and then the next 14 are facing the neighbor? Supposedly it’s called a “friendly neighbor” fence. Ummm, I think I’ll be the judge of whether my neighbor is friendly, not my stupid fence! Just for that, I decided to give it a makeover by filling in the empty spaces. The picture below shows an un-stained section followed by cedar one, followed by, you get the picture. Obviously I didn’t put the un-stained pickets up!

Needless to say, I didn’t have a nail gun so I asked if Russell had one because hammering down 220 pickets was not going to happen in the same weekend (4 nails per picket = 880 nails, plus extra 2x4’s needed). He suggested deck screws instead and use a drill! Cheaper and probably just as fast. He let me borrow his (no I don’t have a drill yet! Maybe a Christmas gift?) for the weekend, but needed it back by Monday.
Anyways, I started drilling on Saturday late afternoon and finished by Sunday, sundown. The fence isn’t perfect but at least I avoided the night bugs, returned the drill to Russell feeling like I’ve accomplished something, and realized that even if the fence were perfect, it wouldn’t be anymore after a few years! On another weekend, I’ll get motivated to clean and stain the entire fence… until then, I think I’ll savor my success like I would savor a juicy filet mignon at Morton’s (and their melting chocolate)…


  1. Great post Ivan. I am very proud of your home improvement talents. You will give Tim, the tool man, quite a challenge. Way to go.

  2. Good read.

    -Kristin Eaves

  3. A VERY nice job Ivan. I will remember that when I get around to finishing up my fence :-)

  4. Great job Ivan, I think it looks really good. You are becoming quite the homeowner