Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skinny Jeans?

Ok... so despite my feeling that skinny jeans would make me look fat.... I bought a pair. I bought a pair from Old Navy for about $20. They are ultra stretch so they are comfortable.. and believe it or not .. I actually like them.

The whole reason I bough them was because I have some new boots.. and I really wanted to wear my boots over my jeans. Of course that would not work with my usually flare jeans. So, I bought some skinny jeans. The jury is still out regarding whether I will wear them without my boots and with heels. I CAN guarantee that I will never where them with flats as I concluded a long time ago that THAT look WILL make me look fat.. hahaha

So here are some pics..

I think that first picture looks extremely weird as I am standing in an weird position.. but anyway.. you get the picture. :)

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