Monday, November 8, 2010

Charming Tails....My Collection

Ok since my last most popular post was my charm bracelet post... I figured I would write a blog that maybe is similar. This is a blog... about my other collection... Charming Tails (hereafter referred to as "CT"). :) I love these little figurines. I just bought a ton of them since one of the stores here that sells them is going out of business. I can always find them online, but it was nice to have an actual store (a luxury I did not have in any of the previous states in which I lived). Now, most of the CTs that I recently purchased are not shown in this blog as they are being "saved" for future gifts. Since we didn't want to spend that much money just for "fun", we decided that Ivan will give them to me as gifts through out the next year or so. Therefore, as I get a new one, I will probably blog about it :). These CTs however, I have had for years (at least most of them).

The Christmas Charming Tails
There is nothing terribly unique about these little mice other than that I just really thought they were cute. HOWEVER, the angle CT is extremely old. That CT is actually the first one I EVER got. My parents bought it for me. They didn't know that it was part of a much larger collection of mice :). Later on in life, I found another "mouse" (which will be mentioned below), and bought it. Only later did I realize that they were both CT.

The snowflake CT is "special" in that I am in love with snowflakes. Many of our Christmas decorations are snowflake related (including the 98% of snowflake ornaments on our tree). Therefore, when I found a CT that looks like the one below... I just HAD to have it.

Other Charming Tails (The Everyday Collection)
These are my babies, or mice you could say. I love these little figurines, and they are some of my most treasured possessions (despite the fact that they are barely $20 a piece).  Most of them have a story so I will write that beside each one. These CTs are proudly displayed on a collection of black shelves, that are placed in a circle to surround a black plaque that says "Family". I have filled all the shelves currently, and I am now in need of more. Btw, each CT has a phrase or saying on the bottom. As I didn't have multiple hours to write this blog, I decided not to write them in here. Most of these are also retired.

 Just Cute :)                                                              This one speaks for itself.                      

The meaning behind this sleepy guy is interesting. My freshman year in college, I ALMOST missed a 7:30am exam. I woke up literally at 7:20am and had to run across campus. My mom sent me this when she heard the story. 

 No story for this guy.... he was a gift.
 If you don't know from my wedding, my favorite flowers are daisies. This CT just incorporates the flower in a cute way.
 There is no "special" meaning behind this other than, I am a female and  this   CT just  screams female. :) SOOO cute... 
 This CT was a gift, it doesn't have any particular meaning.
 This was a Christmas Gift from Ivan. When we were engaged, we spent a Christmas apart. I came home early and we celebrated Christmas together at my apartment. He had a card ready which led me to another card, and another card, and another card (etc), which eventually led me to this. :)
 This actually was a gift from my ex-boyfriend. It is one of the first ones I got. Basically, we were re-painting his bedroom and got in a primer/paint fight. The paint came off, but the primer did what it is designed to do....stick. I wore primer for the next couple of days.
 This was another gift. :)  I think it was a joint gift between my mom and my sister, but I am unsure. 
 My mom got me this one when I left for college. I think the phrase that goes with it is "I am only a call away" or something.
 This was one given to me for my birthday.   I am unsure of who gave it to me. It was either Ivan or my sister...(I know I should know this stuff!!!)
 My ex-boyfriend got me this CT... no clue why.
 I bought this one... just for fun. 
 This CT... well.. to be honest, I have no clue where I got it. I want to say I bought it... but it could have been a gift from Ivan. It probably was a gift from Ivan. It is so hard to remember.
 This was an ex-boyfriend CT... something like "we will always stick together"... HAHA.. glad that isn't true.. heehee.. Anyway, this is a REALLY unique CT as those are REAL magnets... and they do stick together and pull apart..
 My mom got me this one as a gift... the top part of the pot pulls off and you can see the little mouse butt.. haha.. so cute.
  Brittany (my sister) bought this one for me for Christmas because she knew I wanted it.
 Ok.. I HAD to have this CT as it just represents me. She has a paper in one hand that says "diet" and a cookie in the other. All the while, she is standing on a scale.
 This is the first CT that "I" purchased. I bought this CT not knowing that I already owned a CT (the Christmas angel). This CT is what started the collection.
 My grandma got me this CT.
Ex-boyfriend got me this one. It actually had been discontinued for a long time. He called all over the state to find one. I got it when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. :)


  1. very cute. Good thing you remember which ones I gave you. I would never have known. :)

  2. wow you have so many now, someday you can give them to your Daughter

  3. This is quite the extensive collection; they are so cute! I like all of the stories behind each one :-)