Sunday, November 21, 2010

TV...Glee... and Decisions

Ok. Ivan and I have made a decision... a BIG decision. As of February 1st, Ivan and I will be getting rid of cable. I know thats a shocker! Our biggest question was what about news and Dallas Cowboys games?

Well, we decided... we can read the news, and we can always go out to watch Dallas games... no big deal. I have been feeling this way for quite awhile. I realized a year back that we were spending about 90% of our "free" time in front of the tube. We tried to just turn it off, but we would ALWAYS turn it back on. We tried to have self control but it didn't work. Therefore, it is gone. We are actually excited about it.

We will not be getting rid of our TVs however. We will be purchasing apple TV so that we can rent movies.. and actually "sit down" and watch a move together (if we turn it on). There will no longer be any "surfing" or mindlessly watching shows.

Now, I cannot take credit for this decision completely. One of my friends from church recently posted a blog where she was doing the same thing. I was surprised. It to some extent challenged my thoughts. I realized.. if I am saying "I can't do it... because I can't live without blah blah blah" then I am putting something that is "entertainment" above everything else. To some extent, it is a stronghold. Just like my friend, I wondered what my husband would say. He loves his sports and news soooo much. This is part of the reason I never brought it up before. When I brought the idea to him, he was so positive about it and started researching apple TV so we could still have access to movies for "home date nights".

Now, we will be waiting until February to flip the switch because my family is coming in January. Since my parents will be staying with me the entire month (and we will be working)... we decided to keep it, to   give them something to do.

Anyway, here is another reason I want to get rid of it. I really like (or liked) this show called Glee... I am pretty sure you are familiar with it. I love singing (and as many of you have read.. I wanted to be a country singer) and I was involved with musical theatre a bit. Therefore, this show was awesome. However, recently it has started to have an "agenda". I don't like that. Especially, since many of the agendas are not consistent with scripture and they are definitely not "pure and holy".

THEN.... I saw the latest GQ cover for Glee... and it SICKENED me. Here is the link to the slideshow (please make sure no kids are around if you choose to see them). It just is disrespectful, totally ungodly, and disgusting. I was extremely disappointed and I will no longer support this show. If you are a fan of this show, and a Christian, you may want to look at this slideshow and decide whether you want to further support this.

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  1. Way to go, Lindsey! I totally agree! The majority of the stuff on TV is garbage these days. After the Britney Spears episode of Glee, I kind of gave up on it (not that I haven't watched it since, but I decided not to follow it loyally). I totally agree, though. I have seen Glee, and it promotes inappropriate and unGodly themes for sure! Especially that GQ spread. I heard about that and saw some of the pics via the Wendy Williams Show, and I was thoroughly disgusted at the perversion of our society. Either way, what a great way to glorify God- getting rid of cable. When I start to think of everything I do as being "to the Glory of God", it really convicts me! Sometimes it can stop me in my tracks and make me turn around. I believe He will most definitely bless you for your sacrificial decision. I think it will do wonders for you and Ivan as well; how romantic to have cute, specific "date nights"! I love it! Congratulations on your decision. May the Lord bless you for it! <3Britt

  2. Lindsey, Glee was the show that made me pull the plug. It's so sad because it doesn't need to be nasty to be good. Curt and I are enjoying our TV-less state and I hope you will too!

  3. Amanda...that is interesting... amazing that a show could make two people give up TV. I just found it to be disgusting. I am very excited to start on this... and I was surprised that Ivan was ok with it too. :) I have been feeling this way for some time. It will definitely cause me to have to be more creative in our decorating as we will not be buying another TV for our guest room (as previously planned).. and since that is usually the "centerpiece" of the room.. I will have to figure something else out..!

    Britt-Thanks for your encouragement. :)

  4. We've had only basic cable for a few months now. We can still watch the news and sometimes office reruns, but we don't have hardly any stations. It keeps us from turning on the tv the second we get the girls in bed. Our lives are so busy, I don't know how we ever had time for so much TV before!! I hope you enjoy your saved time and money.

  5. We've considered doing the same thing... we'll just have to see what happens. But good for you!