Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time with Family

Merry Christmas everyone.

So far this Christmas has been going great. We arrived in Tennessee after a very long drive (through the night). We took a little nap in order to get us through the rest of the day.

We went to a CD debut party for one of the local folk bands up here with my parents. It was pretty interesting.

On the first day we arrived something happened that has never happened in my life. Our Christmas tree fell down. My parents had it up for about 2 weeks before we arrived. However, it decided it wanted to fall down. About 15 ornaments broke. Luckily, none of them had a lot of sentimental value. It was still sad however. We lost some that I had painted when I was a kid, and some that my mom painted. Luckily, we didn’t lose any baby’s first Christmas ornaments.

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas. We went to see the show “It’s a Wonderful Life” at a local theatre. It was pretty good. My only criticism is that the main actor was way too old for the lead female character. It definitely grossed me out when they had to kiss.

I have been also spending a lot of time on this trip researching life insurance, identity theft insurance, and local doctors. I also launched my new ministry blog which I hope to be able to keep up to date.

I have spent this trip just trying to get everything ready for busy season. I know that I will have barely any time to do anything once I get back. I am trying to get it done now. 

We also had fun decorating Christmas cookies. 

Christmas morning we got to open presents. There were definitely some neat gifts. I got everyone in my family Scentsys… which they loved!!

Ivan’s gifts included a Miles Austin Jersey, an NRA membership, and some guitar strings. I also got him a bike. In order to surprise him, we put a note on the tree which led him to other notes. The final note let him to the tree where the bike was. It was definitely fun. My parents got Ivan and me an Apple TV (which will be great for watching movies, since we are getting rid of our cable).

I got a bunch of pretty neat gifts. I got 5 new James Avery charms: an elephant (to represent the Republican party), a Starbucks coffee cup (to represent my love for Starbucks and my time on the NOAA engagement), a house (to represent our new house), ballerina shoes (to replace the other ugly ballet charm I had before), and a microphone (to represent my love for singing). Before I left I also got a gingerbread house charm to represent us decorating our new house for Christmas. J (Any excuse to get a new charm).

I also got some neat gifts from my parents. I got a signed book from a local author in the Woodlands called Capitol Hill Cooks. It is a recipe book with past presidents’ favorite recipes. I am in love with it! I can’t wait to get home and start trying them out. 

We have spent the remaining days just chilling because we have received about 2 ft of snow. Harmony had a blast running in it. 

It also gave us some time to drink cocoa, and just relax. 

I also posted another post on A Mighty Fortress Ministries, so don't forget to go over there. 

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  1. Looks like a fun Christmas! Hope you're nice and relaxed! By the way, you look super super skinny! Did you skip out on all the Christmas cookies?!?! jk you look fantastic! Merry Christmas!