Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dickens on the Strand and Moody Gardens

The weekend after the Renaissance Faire... We went to Dickens on the Strand and Moody Gardens down on Galveston Island. Kristin had left early in the week so it was just us and my parents. It was a pretty neat festival. I liked seeing all the people dressed up. The only thing that was bad about the event was the heat. I heard from some people who have been before, that USUALLY the event is REALLY cold. However, this year.. it was definitely in the 80s.  We still had fun watching the carolers and shopping.

 This was the parade that came though... It was pretty neat.
This is the Queen..... 
These are the Civil War re-enactors. This is a couple decades after the Dickens era and in the wrong country, however it was still fun to watch.

They were out there trying to recruit people to join their team.

Ivan and I really want to do this so we may sign up.

After Dickens, we went to see the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It was difficult to get pictures because the camera couldn't focus well in the dark. Either way, I am still glad that we attempted.

We basically walkthrough the lights, got some hot cocoa, and really enjoyed the evening.

 Yes... this was me goofing off... gotta love that awful face I am making. 

 They had this awesome nativity that lit up. There were like six different pieces that went with it. It didn't all light up at once though.  Basically there was a sound system that would tell the story of Christ, and as the story was told, different pieces of the nativity lit up. Every 10 minutes, the story would start again. It was VERY neat.

Here was the wise man piece that lit up 

As you can see, the camera had some issues. I love this humming bird. The wings fluttered as well.

My sister loves sponge bob, so we took these pictures for her, 

Gotta love Texas!

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