Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Mighty Fortress Ministries-A New Blog

Hi everyone,

If you have been a frequent reader, you have probably read that I have wanted to write bible studies. For years I have been doing Beth Moore bible studies. Ever since I was in highschool, I have wanted to do a similar thing (I have always wanted to intern/mentor under her :) ). In college, I started writing blogs that were extensions of bible studies that I was currently studying. I stopped doing that when my major got more intense. I have finally decided to start writing again.

I can definitely say this is a very unnerving venture. I am by no means and expert or a scholar. However, I pray that God will use me to help others grow in the Lord. I am hoping to build my resource library as I continue. Currently, I am just starting with my internet resources, my bible maps & timelines book,  my Strong's concordance, and my NKJV bible. I am hoping to add some commentaries and Greek/Hebrew resources.  As you will be able to see throughout the blog (in the future), I am extremely interested in eschatology and biblical timelines. I am hoping to integrate a bit of this throughout the studies.

Now before I write any more... here is the link...(click the picture)

Since, I will be in busy season from January-March at my work, I may not be writing much. I just wanted to get it up and started for the time being. Also, if you would like to suggest a topic or a book, please let me know by posting a comment on the introduction blog post.  Please also "follow" the blog if you want!

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