Sunday, December 5, 2010

Texas Renaissance Festival

These last few weeks have been super busy. The weekend of Thanksgiving, we went to the renaissance faire. The Texas renaissance faire is the largest in the nation, so we HAD to go. We definitely had a good time.  Here are some stories of events that happened.

Ivan and Kristin (my college roommate) were busy playing all these games at the faire. The first one they tried their hand out was archery.

The next game that was played definitely "made the day". Ivan and Kristin decided to try their hand at throwing axes (definitely NOT easy).

Ivan then amazingly.... hit a star!!! 

Kristin also tried throwing the axes....

Since, Ivan got on a star he got a prize. The prize was a piece of paper that read "Free Kiss -from anyone willing". Well, Ivan didn't want it because he isn't going to go kiss some random person. SO, we gave it to Kristin. Little did we know what would happen....

We saw a street performer who was basically dressed in a pretty awesome centaur costume (you know half man half horse). Anyway here he is... isn't he pretty lol....

Oh yes... and what is that little card he is reading? is the FREE KISS CARD!!!!

Kristin is a brave girl... that is all I have to say!!!! This definitely did create a lot of laughs!!

We also did some shopping, got some yummy food, and met some more interesting characters

This is a tree person

 Kristin was NOT eating both those "cheesecake-on-a-sticks". She was holding them for someone else. But it was definitely a funny photo opportunity.
 This person's costume was amazing!!!!

LOL.. we found these medieval goblets.. this is  " Kristin act like an old drunk man"... haha  :) fun. 

 I also bought this corset... :) We took this picture with no flash because the flash was causing a shadow... so this picture shows how it cinches. The next picture is a better depiction of the color.


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  2. Just had to laugh at the picture of Kristen and the centaur!