Sunday, December 5, 2010


So this year, we have had a very busy Thanksgiving season. The week of Thanksgiving, my parents arrived and so did my college roommate Kristin. We all spent the entire Thanksgiving day cooking. I don't know if any of you know, but Ivan and I have been eating almost solely organic foods lately. Therefore, Thanksgiving was no different. I think the only "non-organic" item was the marshmellows for the sweet potatoes. Here is what we made:

-Mashed Potatoes-from scratch
-Green beans with turkey bacon and onions (Ivan and I don't eat pork so this was an alternative)
-Sweet potato casserole (made by Kristin... it was sooo good)
-Homemade stuffing (yes, I even made my own dried bread)
-An organic turkey
- An apple pie (which I also made from scratch).

My aunt brought: This AMAZING vanilla bread pudding, and homemade cranberry sauce which was super good! Here are some pictures:

 The turkey....

Me reading some recipe....

Stuffing the bird.

This is me finalizing the pie...

Here is the finished turkey :). I was pretty impressed with myself figuring this is the first turkey I have ever made. Last year we made a ham.

Here is us... ready for the food :). Yes, we forgot to take a picture of the table, and everyone :(. Booo.... well at least we have these pictures.

The day after Thanksgiving... we spent the whole day visiting my mom's cousins James and John Calaway. We also visited my great aunt Ivy. :) It was a very fun day. I think we were all ready for the weekend (which will be my next post).

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