Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food... Food.. and more Food!

This blog post is dedicated to.... FOOD! Ivan and I have been cooking a lot since we have gone organic. Although I have very little time to cook (boo!), I still have had the opportunity to make a few items.

This is the soup that I have been eating every day for lunch. I am somewhat sick of it now and I have alternated with another one. Either way, it is the makers diet chicken soup. It is very good. I used to make a big batch of it every two weeks and freeze it in individual containers.

This is YUM! A veggie lasagna. I love making this. I usually make it for dinner then take it with me for lunch. I have made this twice so far and will continue to make it because it is so good (in my opinion).

All these foods were made with organic ingredients...I lost a lot of weight eating stuff like this and I am so glad I didn't have to sacrifice taste. These things actually probably taste better than the stuff I was eating before. Now... for the grand finale!!! This next item is something I have been wanting to make F-O-R-E-V-E-R! My mom pushed me to finally do it. Therefore, when we were at Whole Foods we bought the ingredients for it. (Now this is organic... but I can guarantee it is not healthy or low fat.. haha!)...

Brie En Croute!

Here it is raw....I made a butterfly shape on the top to make it look pretty.

Cooked.... Look how pretty!!!

With crackers

Doesn't that look just yummy! Oh.. and it was!!

So I am soooo happy that I have finally made Brie en croute. Oh by the way, Ivan and I have also started a new tradition/hobby. Every time we go grocery shopping we are trying 2-3 new cheeses. We tried two this week, one was good, one was nasty. We will share later our listing :)

More of the Holidays... and the Publix Shore Excursion!

Yes... it has been confirmed. I am the worse blogger ever. There are some many things I have not blogged about in the last couple weeks. Either way, I am trying to catch up now.

For those of you who read my previous posts....we went to Tennessee for Christmas. I posted a few pictures back at that blog entry. Either way, here are a few more that were on my camera that I forgot to post. (Oh and I am sure more will be coming when we get the pictures from my parents).

Anyway, here are some.

These are the sugar cookies I made. I made a ton of them (over 100). They took awhile but were super worth it. They were very sparkly as I invested in lustre dust at the cake shop. Sadly, you cannot see the sparkle in this picture. Bonus, they tasted really good!! Next year, I will be doing snowflakes, since my mom got me these awesome cutters that I wanted.

This was the top of the PF Changs. I just had to take a picture because it was neat and very festive!

This is a place that we stopped to get coffee with my parents. Supposedly it is very popular in NC. It is called the Ugly Mugg. It was pretty cute, and they had a million flavors of coffee.

We were bored in Virginia waiting for the show at the Barter theatre to start. Therefore, we took some pictures! Here are my parents..

and this is us.... duh!

Ok, so I am pretty sure we got some strange looks taking these pictures... but who cares. We were driving through Alabama and it struck me... PUBLIX! Publix is an awesome grocery store that we used to shop at in FL. Sadly they do not have them in TX. Anyway, we stopped by in Alabama. Therefore, all fellow Texans... never give someone weird looks when taking pictures outside HEB.. because maybe they don't have HEBs where they currently live.. and they miss it!!! We definitely miss Publix (though HEB is good too... don't hate :) ).  Look at my giddy face... I am such a nerd!

Eating a delicious Publix sub... YES! LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for another blog post.. :) ALL ABOUT FOOD!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And.... to the New Year!

Ok so it seems as if it is a common thing to write a post about the New Year, (figuring almost all of the blogs I follow had one).

Anyway, Ivan and I sat down yesterday and came up with this year's resolutions. Since 2010 was a big year, we aren't shooting too high this year. Haha.

Ok here they are:

  1. Make the bed everyday (this is something we hardly ever do because Ivan is still in bed when I leave for work)
  2. Brush teeth morning and night. I am a morning brusher, and he is a night brusher. But we need to be both. Therefore, we are going to help each other.
  3. Ivan wants to really get his technical blog going
  4. Ivan plans to read the Old Testament this year
  5. I plan to finish 5 bible studies (doing them)
  6. I plan to write at least 2-3 studies on my blog (depending on how long the topic or book is. (If you haven't seen my ministry blog please check it out at

We also have some home resolutions:

  1. Stain the Fence
  2. FINALLY get the grout sealed
  3. Board the Attic (so that we have more storage space)
  4. Get tile put in the closet (I would like to do this ourselves, however, there are so many angles it may be more of a pain than it is worth)
  5. Finally get some living room furniture.

So there they are.... Now for the flash back on 2010. Since I don't normally write a Christmas letter to accompany the picture, I will recap events here. I am sure I am going to miss something BIG. However, stick with me.

1) We went to Paris, France on Vacation
2) We moved to Houston, TX
3) We purchased our first home
4) We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary
5) Ivan turned 25! (ya for lower rental car rates hahah!)
6) My sister graduated from college and moved to NY
7) Ivan got an award for his work on the Charlotte project
8) We found a church and great friends!
9) We went to a Brad Paisley concert
10) We got rid of cable (however, we can't fully get rid of it without paying an enormous fine... so it will be gone in June officially. It is however, unplugged and put away).

And since I am REALLY having a hard time thinking of anything else (and I am sure there is probably something big I am missing), I will just end the list at 10... oh wait... one more thing.

11) I'm pregnant.. JK!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA I couldn't resist... lol either way just know that a blog would NOT be where I would announce something like that anyway. I think my mom would kill me. hehe.. don't expect that announcement for at LEAST another year. haha

:) Hope you all had a wonderful 2010... and here is to the New Year!!!