Sunday, January 2, 2011

And.... to the New Year!

Ok so it seems as if it is a common thing to write a post about the New Year, (figuring almost all of the blogs I follow had one).

Anyway, Ivan and I sat down yesterday and came up with this year's resolutions. Since 2010 was a big year, we aren't shooting too high this year. Haha.

Ok here they are:

  1. Make the bed everyday (this is something we hardly ever do because Ivan is still in bed when I leave for work)
  2. Brush teeth morning and night. I am a morning brusher, and he is a night brusher. But we need to be both. Therefore, we are going to help each other.
  3. Ivan wants to really get his technical blog going
  4. Ivan plans to read the Old Testament this year
  5. I plan to finish 5 bible studies (doing them)
  6. I plan to write at least 2-3 studies on my blog (depending on how long the topic or book is. (If you haven't seen my ministry blog please check it out at

We also have some home resolutions:

  1. Stain the Fence
  2. FINALLY get the grout sealed
  3. Board the Attic (so that we have more storage space)
  4. Get tile put in the closet (I would like to do this ourselves, however, there are so many angles it may be more of a pain than it is worth)
  5. Finally get some living room furniture.

So there they are.... Now for the flash back on 2010. Since I don't normally write a Christmas letter to accompany the picture, I will recap events here. I am sure I am going to miss something BIG. However, stick with me.

1) We went to Paris, France on Vacation
2) We moved to Houston, TX
3) We purchased our first home
4) We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary
5) Ivan turned 25! (ya for lower rental car rates hahah!)
6) My sister graduated from college and moved to NY
7) Ivan got an award for his work on the Charlotte project
8) We found a church and great friends!
9) We went to a Brad Paisley concert
10) We got rid of cable (however, we can't fully get rid of it without paying an enormous fine... so it will be gone in June officially. It is however, unplugged and put away).

And since I am REALLY having a hard time thinking of anything else (and I am sure there is probably something big I am missing), I will just end the list at 10... oh wait... one more thing.

11) I'm pregnant.. JK!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA I couldn't resist... lol either way just know that a blog would NOT be where I would announce something like that anyway. I think my mom would kill me. hehe.. don't expect that announcement for at LEAST another year. haha

:) Hope you all had a wonderful 2010... and here is to the New Year!!!



  1. just so you know, I had a minor heart attack when I read number 11 :-)

  2. ME TOO! (to Phil and Darby's comment)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA!!! I am so proud to call you my sister after number 11! That was amazing! You made like 50 people wet themselves just now I am sure! LOL! Nicely done!