Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food... Food.. and more Food!

This blog post is dedicated to.... FOOD! Ivan and I have been cooking a lot since we have gone organic. Although I have very little time to cook (boo!), I still have had the opportunity to make a few items.

This is the soup that I have been eating every day for lunch. I am somewhat sick of it now and I have alternated with another one. Either way, it is the makers diet chicken soup. It is very good. I used to make a big batch of it every two weeks and freeze it in individual containers.

This is YUM! A veggie lasagna. I love making this. I usually make it for dinner then take it with me for lunch. I have made this twice so far and will continue to make it because it is so good (in my opinion).

All these foods were made with organic ingredients...I lost a lot of weight eating stuff like this and I am so glad I didn't have to sacrifice taste. These things actually probably taste better than the stuff I was eating before. Now... for the grand finale!!! This next item is something I have been wanting to make F-O-R-E-V-E-R! My mom pushed me to finally do it. Therefore, when we were at Whole Foods we bought the ingredients for it. (Now this is organic... but I can guarantee it is not healthy or low fat.. haha!)...

Brie En Croute!

Here it is raw....I made a butterfly shape on the top to make it look pretty.

Cooked.... Look how pretty!!!

With crackers

Doesn't that look just yummy! Oh.. and it was!!

So I am soooo happy that I have finally made Brie en croute. Oh by the way, Ivan and I have also started a new tradition/hobby. Every time we go grocery shopping we are trying 2-3 new cheeses. We tried two this week, one was good, one was nasty. We will share later our listing :)


  1. Nasty is an understatement. Not that I know what dirty feet taste like but it is certainly what I imagine dirty feet tasting like.

  2. Wow. The brie looks amAZing!!