Sunday, January 16, 2011

More of the Holidays... and the Publix Shore Excursion!

Yes... it has been confirmed. I am the worse blogger ever. There are some many things I have not blogged about in the last couple weeks. Either way, I am trying to catch up now.

For those of you who read my previous posts....we went to Tennessee for Christmas. I posted a few pictures back at that blog entry. Either way, here are a few more that were on my camera that I forgot to post. (Oh and I am sure more will be coming when we get the pictures from my parents).

Anyway, here are some.

These are the sugar cookies I made. I made a ton of them (over 100). They took awhile but were super worth it. They were very sparkly as I invested in lustre dust at the cake shop. Sadly, you cannot see the sparkle in this picture. Bonus, they tasted really good!! Next year, I will be doing snowflakes, since my mom got me these awesome cutters that I wanted.

This was the top of the PF Changs. I just had to take a picture because it was neat and very festive!

This is a place that we stopped to get coffee with my parents. Supposedly it is very popular in NC. It is called the Ugly Mugg. It was pretty cute, and they had a million flavors of coffee.

We were bored in Virginia waiting for the show at the Barter theatre to start. Therefore, we took some pictures! Here are my parents..

and this is us.... duh!

Ok, so I am pretty sure we got some strange looks taking these pictures... but who cares. We were driving through Alabama and it struck me... PUBLIX! Publix is an awesome grocery store that we used to shop at in FL. Sadly they do not have them in TX. Anyway, we stopped by in Alabama. Therefore, all fellow Texans... never give someone weird looks when taking pictures outside HEB.. because maybe they don't have HEBs where they currently live.. and they miss it!!! We definitely miss Publix (though HEB is good too... don't hate :) ).  Look at my giddy face... I am such a nerd!

Eating a delicious Publix sub... YES! LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for another blog post.. :) ALL ABOUT FOOD!!!


  1. Is that the PF Changs in Highland Village?! If not, it looks just like the one in Highland Village, at the front of our neighborhood!
    By the way, those cookied were spectacular!

  2. Haha! You look like such a ravenous beast in the last picture- priceless! "Publix sub... om nom nom nom nom!!!" Nice post! I didn't know they had in Alabama!