Friday, February 18, 2011

DIY Furniture! Portugal Style

Ok so it has been awhile since I have posted anything "substantial". Anyway, I can't make any promises with this post, but hopefully it is interesting.

During busy season my parents came to stay with me. They basically were here for most of January and some of February. They painted different rooms in my house, cleaned, and also started on this project (which I recently finished).

Basically, I had this old furniture. I had it in highschool in Florida, then my sister had it when I moved to college. Then when I moved out of my furnished dorm room and into an unfurnished apartment, I got it back. This furniture was the first master bedroom furniture for Ivan and I in Maryland. It followed us all the way to Texas. Needless to say, it has really moved around. We finally purchased some new master bedroom furniture (king sized) and moved this furniture into the guest room.

We really like the furniture but there were a few problems:1) My sister and I didn't know the meaning of "coaster" in highschool lol... so there were tons of water rings on the top of the dresser, and 2) it wasn't my favorite color wood.

Therefore, we decided to take on a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. We carried the furniture out into the garage, lightly sanded it, and then painted it. Here are the steps:

1) sand furniture (this proved to be a "no-no" later on as we discovered the scratches from sanding still showed through after painting the wood. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest sanding laminate).
2) primed it (we primed it despite the fact that we sanded it...we should have skipped number 1 and gone to number 2 but oh well)
3) paint
4) paint
5) oh ya... and paint again
6) poly the top of the dresser and the nightstand.

Anyway, I learned a few things through this whole experience.

First, you really shouldn't spray paint furniture unless you are a professional because it can turn out blotchy. I even learned from Young House Love a blog that I LOVE, that I probably shouldn't have done that. It would have been better to paint the furniture the normal old fashioned way. Now, although I sprayed the furniture, most of it came out ok.

Second, if you have water circles... just give up! hahah! just kidding.. kind of! It was very very very hard to get those to go away. Actually if you look really hard you can still somewhat see them in the right light. However, since water circles basically go very deep into the grain of the wood it is very hard to get rid of them. Our best idea was to fill them with paint.. which we pretty much did..

Third, don't use spray poly (this goes with 1). It worked FINE for the nightstand but for some reason... just didn't work well for the dresser. It still ended up blotchy. Therefore, I went and bought a can of it. I rolled it on with a foam roller. However, it looked like I was rolling on soap there were SOOO many bubbles. Therefore, I figured I would just go over it with a brush. That worked pretty well.

So here are my before and after pictures (sadly there is no before pic of the nightstand... poor nightstand). Please excuse the halos on my pictures. My sony cybershot is just having issues. It is time for a new camera, but alas, that is not number one on the priority list.


 Headboards are always hidden... but I think you can see it well enough.
Here is the infamous dresser (or pain in my booty.. as I like to call it)


Again... please excuse the halos.

I guess I also forgot to mention that we got some spiffy silver hardware for them as well.... don't they look pretty!!


  1. Looks great, glad it's finally done.

  2. Love it Lindsey. Home projects can be so much fun. I just love how the dresser turned out such a difference.

  3. Looks great! I also like the blue pant in that room; it goes great with the "new" furniture. Is that new as well?

  4. Very nicely done...

  5. Thanks ya'll... :)

    @ Darby... yes the blue paint is new too... you are going to have to come over sometime. :)

  6. Nicely done! Amazing how a little paint can breathe new life into an old piece!