Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day with the Portugals

Valentines day...

I figured I would make a quick post about Valentine's Day before it is so far gone that a post like this would just seem weird (don't hate... I just got out busy season... blogging was not number 1 priority.. :) ).

Anyway, I got Ivan a pretty extravagant gift. Ivan usually says that valentine's is a girl holiday so I don't have to get him a gift. However, I wanted to get this for him anyway. So, as like most gifts, I buy it early and just say "this will be your early 'insert holiday' gift". I know, I know, no patience.  Anyway, here is his gift.

 Ivan and my parents setting it up! I was working this weekend so I was not helping.

The completed project. It is basically a grill that has a searing side,  a gas grill side (for normal bbq), a charcoal side, and a smoker (for wood smoking). We have used it quite a bit so far.
This was more "my" gift. We went to this nice Brazilian restaurant called Pradaria. We hadn't really found a nice churrascaria  since leaving MD. This place was awesome. It was nice, but not super expensive (like Texas de Brazil). Anyway, we ate a ton, and ordered dessert. According to Ivan, it tasted pretty authentic.  Here is a picture our waiter took (and yes I have probably worn that same dress every single Valentine's day... what can I say.. it is just a perfect dress for the occasion).

Well that is pretty much it... oh and I also got a card, and flowers, and a Starbucks Valentines mug. My husband is such a sweetie.


  1. You're right, that is a perfect dress for Valentine's Day. Here is our favorite Brazilian restaurant in Houston so far:

  2. Darby.... you have to try this one. We went to Nelore... very bad in our opinion. The beef was not seasoned authentically and the salad bar was no where near authentic. Nelore was the first one we tried. Maybe we can all go to this one some time.. :) You will have to try it!