Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More food!!!... YUM

So another week of cooking has passed and I made some more delicious recipes from my Capitol Hill Cookbook.

1) Ronald Reagan's Macaroni and Cheese
This dish was pretty good. I made it to take over to the Pearces' house on Saturday. It kinda of had a crunchy paprika top and and then had a really yummy cheese. I think I would definitely make this recipe again. It was very good on the second day as well.

2) Rachel Jackson's Burnt Custard (Recipe of Andrew Jackson)
This recipe made me nervous as I had never made custard or meringue before. Anyway, it turned out "alright". I was unable to find "light cream" which was the recipe called for so I had to use heavy whipping cream. I think it just posed a problem when it came to cooking time. The custard part was supposed to "set" while cooking in the oven for an hour. I ended up having to cook it more like and hour and 45 minutes. Then, I made the meringue which grew to be HUGE... but that was the intention of the recipe. So you ended up with this browned meringue (which was like 6-7 inches high) and about and inch of custard underneath. It however, was fairly good. The amount of meringue seemed to be perfect for the amount of custard. I don't think I would make it again just because of the fat content (and I am not a HUGE meringue fan)... but it was good.. and I would consider it a "success"

3) Chicken in Paprika Cream Sauce (Senator Harry Reid)
Ok ok.. before you freak out that I made a recipe from Harry Reid.. REMEMBER that I am going to be UNBIASED in my recipes. Meaning, I pick them from the appendix before I even know whose recipe it is. Not to mention.. this just sounded like a fantastic dish.

Now.. for all of you who are still just disgusted with the idea of eating anything associated with Harry Reid... you will be happy to know that the recipe did NOT live up to my expectations. I will still finish eating it as I am not going waste food and it was "ok" but I will not make it again.

First issue with it, the chicken is coated in oil, paprika, and onions. Then, the cream sauce is added to it AFTER the chicken cooks. The problem is that the cream tasted amazing BEFORE it was added to the chicken. The problem is that the oil and cream didn't mix. Instead, the oil separated and stayed on top of the cream.. so it just looked weird. The oil/paprika also just dominated the cream flavor.. sooo it wasn't as good as it could have been. Here it is (that orange is the oil/paprika sitting on the top of the cream).

4) Garlic Chicken and Potatoes (Rep. Loretta Sanchez, California)

This was ok... again, I probably wouldn't make it again. The recipe said to cook the chicken an hour which was TOO long, and to cook the potatoes an hour which was not enough. I would have to alter the recipe if I did it again. Additionally, it didn't taste "garlicky"... I put a lot of garlic but it just didn't make much a difference. The potatoe seasoning that the recipe called for also wasn't "amazing".... Anyway, not something I would make again but good enough for left overs (Darby is probably having a melt-down because of that word... "leftovers") heehee... I am left over queen.. I can eat the same thing for days! lol

Anyway, that is all for this week. Maybe I will have some more fun next week with recipes. I am hoping to keep this up. I am so many others that just sound delicious. Of course, I eliminate all recipes with pork or shellfish so that does make it tough.



  1. Ha! Glad you enjoyed your left-overs ;-)

  2. LOL! I think we all know what your favorite gift was for Christmas! Heehee! Lindsey, you are turning into QUITE the chef! Great job; thanks for sharing.