Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Moments

Ok so I just had a weird/cool moment today. On Wednesdays, I typically drive to work (whereas normally I take the bus). Anyway, I always park in this parking lot right across from the KPMG building. It is pretty cheap if I get in before 8am (only $6). Anyway, I always drive my Miata. Every time, I pull up to the little stand in the middle of the parking lot to pay and get the receipt for the dash. The guy who is there is a really nice guy who will always try to let you park closest to your building. Anyway, today I drove up in my CRV, and the dialogue went like this:

Him "Where are you going?"
Me: "That building there" [I point]
Him: "Oh you must be with KPMG? Did they tell you to park here because I haven't seen you before?"
Me: "Oh no, I have parked here before.Normally I drive a different car"
Him: "What car do you drive?"[at this point he is trying to remember]
Me: " A little miata"
Him: " Oh Ya! I didn't recognize you... and you have long hair. I didn't recognize you with it up"

Lol... anyway, I just thought it was neat that he even remember who I was (once I told him my car). This guy sits here all day, with tons of different cars and different people, yet he remembers them. I only park there once a week (and so far that has only been twice). It made me think that I should probably try to do the same thing. Heck, I barely remember the names of people I see in my bible study EVERY SUNDAY. Yet this guy, remembered that I had long hair, which is just funny to me.

So that is my little "revelation" for the day. I need to be better at remembering people and names.



  1. Aww that is sweet! Doesn’t it also make you feel safe leaving your car there, especially since he knows which car goes with which person. What a great parking attendant.