Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recipes from Capitol Hill ... Yum!

Many of you know, and some of you do not know. I once had a dream of going to culinary school (of course I also had the dream of becming a country singer). Anyway, another thing many of you know... is that I am not either of these. :) But.. I still love to cook and I now have some time to do so.

This last Christmas, my parents got me this awesome cookbook. I forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Then, when I was planning the menu for this week, I decided to pull it out. I am cooking 5 different recipes from the book this week, and I stayed under budget! So let me talk a bit more about the cookbook.

Basically this book is written by someone from Spring/the Woodlands, TX. My parents heard about the book on Fox news and decided it would be an awesome gift! Anyway, they bought me an autographed copy. Basically the book has many different recipes. It has the favorite recipes of all the past Presidents, and favorite recipes from current Senators and Representatives. Needless to say, it is really neat! I am going to try to remain "unbiased" as a try the recipes haha!

I am going to try to make most of the recipes in the book. I refuse to make the "brains and eggs" recipe. Mainly because it calls for REAL BRAINS. No thank you! Anyway, I picked some recipes for the week and I will blog about them as I make them.

So, the first recipe I decided to made was for my lunches. Since I have to leave early in the morning for work, I pre-make my lunches on Sunday. I decided to make:

1) Mushroom Soup (Favorite of George W. Bush).  This recipe required me to use my submersion blender... YAY! (though I can say I wish I had a metal one as my plastic one almost melted from the heat). After preparing, I packed it away in about 6 containers. Here it is cooking:
I know it doesn't look that good.. but hey it is MUSHROOM soup. It tastes soooo good. I can't wait to eat it for lunches.

The next recipe I made was:

2) Chocolate Melt-Away Cake (Representative Dan Burton, Indiana)
 Although, Ivan and I rarely do dessert, we figured we could make one recipe a week and then just bring the remaining to small group or whatever. Anyway, this is what the crust looks like:

Here is the final product, in the fridge:

It was amazing! Sooooo YUMMY. I would have take a picture of the individual piece...BUT.. it was very messy.  The only thing I would suggest regarding this recipe is leaving the eggs out to sit. Many times recipes call for melted chocolate, and then they tell you to add sometime "cold" to the recipe. If you do that, the cold item cools the melted chocolate and makes it re-form in chunks. The way to fix this is to leave the eggs out so they come to room temp. Either way, I wasn't thinking... so it was a big "chunkier" than expected. But it was delicious!

Anyway, stayed tuned for other recipes coming soon... 

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  1. wow sounds great, especially the cake.