Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getaway.... to San Antonio

So I wanted to blog while I was on this little getaway, but I figured it would be a better idea to wait until we were back home. :) Basically, we decided to take a week vacation this week and "get away". Since Ivan and I really didn't have money to take an extravegant vacation, we needed to do something local. Ivan also had plenty of marriott points, so we decided to take advantage of them. We debated between San Antonio and Austin and finally decided  on San Antonio (hence the name of this post). We left on Saturday and just took our time. Now, since the air conditioner in the Honda was busted (again), we basically drove both ways with the windows rolled down. The way there was actually pretty pleasant as it was 75-80 degrees. Even Harmony was happy in her crate on the back seat. (The way back from San Antonio was a different story)

On the way there we stopped by Buckees. We got some fajitta burritos and some beaver nuggets. It was definitely good food for the road. See some of our pictures below.

After we arrived in San Antonio, we did our first relaxing thing....... took a nap! I can't tell you how long it has been since I have taken a nap in the middle of the day. It was so relaxing. After that, we ventured out to the Riverwalk. Saturday was the last day of the San Antonio "Fiesta" so there were a ton of people there on the streets waiting for the parade. We avoided most of them by walking along the river. There were some cute vendor booths along the sides (because of the Fiesta). I actually found one vendor who was selling Rembrandt silver charms. I purchased a crab (to represent Maryland) and a cake (to represent my cake decorating hobby).

We ate dinner at "The Republic of Texas", a Texas themed restaurant with mediocre food. It was fun to sit right on the water. The ducks were right next to us (sometimes they would even walk under the table). It was definitely an experience.

Sunday-The next day.... we got up late... walked around the Riverwalk for awhile and just took some random pictures.

After walking around the riverwalk, we went to the outlets at San Marcos. This place is like king of all outlets. We spent the majority of the day here shopping. However, we only purchased on thing...a Le Crueset cooking dish. I have wanted one of these forever! We found an outlet and this was the last "perfect condition" one on sale (it was the last of its color). It was still pricey but not nearly as much as the original price.

After a long day of outlet shopping, we stopped in Gruene (a historic town) to eat at the Gristmill. We went to the Gristmill before during a camping trip with some friends. The food there is very good, so we couldn't resist.
This is the Gristmill, the inside seating is still somewhat "outside". There are so many windows, doors, and just "other openings". The restaurant is so unique and the food is really good. It is definitely not "healthy food" by ANY MEANS, but it is sooooo good.

Monday- The next day was crazy. The day started out rough. We attempted to go to a breakfast place in the morning. It ended up being a bust as we had to walk through some pretty rough neighborhoods to get there. We finally turned around and went back to the hotel. Then, Ivan picked up some food from a place called "Twin Sisters". This restaurant basically prepared organic breakfast food. He purchased what seemed like a million breakfast tacos that were really good. We then ventured out to see the Alamo.

I don't know if  you can read this, but behind me is "David Crockett" on the wall.

After the Alamo, we took a drive north to a local vineyard. This specific vineyard specializes in the black spanish grape. Ivan and I participated in a wine tasting. We got to taste all of their different wines. It was a very fun activity.

Our next stop was the Japanese tea garden. This was sooooo beautiful. I debated not including all the pictures from this garden in the blog but I just couldn't resist. This garden is going to be inspiration for our backyard. It was just so gorgeous!

After the Alamo, the wine tasting, and the tea garden, we had a quiet relaxing dinner back at the Riverwalk at one of the many Tex Mex places. It was pretty good and surprisingly cheap! Yum!

That night, we went to Morton's to have their chocolate melting cake. Ivan and I were so stuffed after all that food that we just went back to hotel and layed there. The next day, we didn't eat until late afternoon. :)

Tuesday- This day well, was somewhat uneventful. We went shopping around the immediate area and then decided we wanted to head home. Basically we were leaving one day earlier than the plan.

All in all we had a really good time, and we are glad to be home for the remainer of our vacation... just relaxing! :)


  1. What is a beaver nugget? and where are the photos of Harmony?? mom

  2. LOVE the beaver nuggets :-) Glad you had a great trip! Sounds like a lot of QT family time; how refreshing!

  3. @ Mom.... Beaver nuggets are made out of corn meal and they are like covered in some like a syrup coating or something. I am sure they are awful for you but they are pretty good.