Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 2: We visit Family in Orlando

This is the second post of my three post series. As some of you know, a few weeks ago (like 2 weeks ago), we flew out to Orlando to visit Ivan's family. His mom was having a big birthday party and his dad wanted to surprise her...and boy was she surprised!! First, Ivan's dad surprised her with a party at the house. Then, we arrived (a few hours into the party). She was so happy to see Ivan that she cried... it was pretty sweet.

We also got the opportunity to meet some old friends (and I don't mean like old in age..heehee). We spent a lot of time taking pictures and catching up. We also had this AMAZING passion fruit cake ... I would be 500 lbs if I had that around all the time. Here are some of our friends that came to the party (you may recognize Andrew from our wedding).

(Btw... note that that necklace I am wearing is from Salvador (where Ivan was born in Brazil), Renata gave it to me when she came to visit.. I am totally in love with it).

The next day we woke up semi-early and went to Disney. Since Ivan's youngest brother had never been to Magic Kingdom, that is where we went. We definitely have a fun time.

Ivan and Samuel drove the speedway.

We had a really fun time at Disney. It was an exhausing but good day. I ate soooo much (it has been a long time since I have eaten that type of food). We have some other pictures from just random moments at dinner or breakfast but those pictures didn't turn out too well... so I am choosing to withhold them from you. Heehee.

Lastly, we HAD HAD HAD to visit Huey Magoo's while in Orlando. It is very unhealthy fried chicken, but there is NO substitute. I tried a chicken finger place in Houston and it was NO WHERE NEAR Huey Magoo's. Their sauce is just amazing... I could eat it with a spoon.. or a chicken finger for that matter!! :)
So here are some pictures that just show my excitement.

Oh YES! the Yummy goodness.... my mouth waters just looking at it. I know they look like normal chicken fingers.. but they are sooooo not!

Here is the inside of Huey Magoo's. It is RIGHT near UCF so it is a popular hang out. We were probably the oldest people there.

Oh yes... I was soooo excited.

Now for the third post. 

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