Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 3: Food for the week

These pictures are some of the recipes that we made over the last two weeks or so. They were all pretty good. All of them (except for one) are from the Capitol Hill Cookbooks. :) So.. here we go.. get ready to have your mouth water...

1) Mexicana Chicken, Senator Christopher Bond (Multiple recipes are from this guy. He submitted like 20 for the book).

I will not make this recipe again. It sounded good with cheese, chicken, chilis, tortillas, mushroom soup etc. However, it was not very good. It lacked flavor. If I was to do it again, I would need to add something to give it more of a kick. Maybe I would double the amount of chilis, or use a different soup.

2) Chicken Fricasse by President Thomas Jefferson.
This recipe was good... it took forever to make, but it was delicious. I was a bit nervous because it called for a lot of sage. However, it really worked out. It actually tasted a lot like the chicken fricasse that Ivan had in France.

3) Baked Brie by no one (this is not from the cookbook but I wanted to make it anyway). I made this before and totally loved it. It is extremely fattening.. but soooo good.

4) Mushroom and Rice Casserole by Senator Christopher Bond
This actually was really good. It was different as it used a beef broth as a base rather than a chicken broth. It definitely was savory. We ate this with some bbq chicken. I would definitely make this one again.

5) Sam's Scrumptious Pie  by Senator Christopher Bond (I told you he had like a million recipes, and I did NOT purposefuly choose all of his). This was GOOD. We still have it and we are slowly eating it. The crust is kind of hard to cut since it is frozen, but once you get through that, the taste is good! I totally would make this again. It really wasn't hard to make either. It is mostly ice cream anyway,... and yes, I used all organic products to make it. Although organic fat is still fat, I figure it is still better than having a bunch of artificial stuff.

Anyway, so there you have it. :) The recipes I made this week. There are quite a few desserts left in this book so I may have to start making some more of those (again more excuses :) ).