Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 1: Family Visits Houston

So I am a bad blogger. A lot of things have been going on lately and I have not blogged about them. However (excuse coming), I WAS waiting on getting some pictures from other people. I know..I know.. not a great excuse but its something.

So I am going to break what could be a VERY long blog entry into three separate blogs. This entry will explain the "furthest" event in the past: Ivan's cousin's visit (does that have enough apostrophes for you?). Basically, Ivan's cousin (Renata) lives in Brazil/Brasil and is here as an exchange student. When I say "here" I mean the US, not Houston specifically. Anyway, she has been up in the Johnson city area (like an hour away from where my parents live go figure!). Her host family just happened to have family in Houston (another strange coincidence). Therefore, she came down to Houston for Spring break with them. As a side note (for those who don't know), exchange students can't leave their exchange families, so she could only come to Houston if the family was coming as well.

Anyway, we decided one Saturday to meet up at the Galleria mall (wow.. I almost typed Millenia mall... I must miss FL). We went to eat at Rainforest cafe. It was pretty good, but I think I remember why I haven't been there in awhile. The food is overpriced, and the quality isn't that great.

After that, we went shopping for prom dresses. Renata already had her prom dress, but her host family had a daughter who wanted to shop for one. It was definitely an exhausting trip. Multiple stores, and tons of different dresses. In the end, the result was *drumroll*....nothing! The shopping was unsuccessful. Here are some pictures we took while bored shopping.

After spending some time at the mall, Renata came to visit our house. We took a few pictures, spent a very short time at the mall, and then we headed down to Sugarland to drop her off. This picture with Harmony (the dog) is not the best picture of me... but I will post it anyway because I think it is pretty funny that Harmony is looking at the camera.

On to the next post...

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