Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time... to EXERCISE!

After our fun little trip to San Antonio (described in this post), I realized I really needed to get back to my weight loss goals. Basically I had reached an all time weight high back in October (148-150). I dropped down to 135 by December. My goal weight is 120.

I had done an "ok: job of maintaining 135 (without exercise). However,  after our vacation, I jumped back up. I basically ate everything in sight during the vacation.

Ivan and I decided that we are finally going to finish the P90x program. So, here are the initial pictures and weights. After every stage, I will take more pictures. :) Please excuse these pictures.. remember they are "before". We also took measurements but I figured I wouldn't share those. Here are Ivan's photos (he refused to smile for the before photos):


His Weight: 149

Here are my before pictures. Please excuse my face, Ivan was making me laugh the entire time.


 Her Weight: 141

So here we go.....

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