Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog Revamp!

So I am going to switch a few things around on the blog so get ready. They may not all occur at once but should all develop over the next few weeks.

 Due to a suggestion from Beth, I am going to do some "blog pooling". I currently have three blogs, and I am going to combine some of them. Additionally, I am going to try to create a structure that will keep my posting throughout the week. So here is a short explanation of how it is going to work.

1) I have three blogs they are:

  • Portugal Pondering-Family Blog for random posts and projects
  • Mighty Fortress Ministries-My ministry blog 
  • Just a Couple of Critics-Houston food blog
 I am going to combine 2 and integrate the third... here is how it is going to work

  • Monday: Might Fortress Ministry Post or "Mighty Fortress Monday"
I am not going to get rid of my ministry URL but I may not be updating it. Mondays I will be posting a new bible study post on the Portugal Ponderings blog. Basically I will be posting on Portugal Ponderings what I would have posted on "" 

  • Friday: Food Friday
This blog will not be removed. It has too much special formatting and design aspects that I like. I also like this blog being independent. However, I will like to that blog from Portugal Ponderings every Friday with a note on what type of restaurant is being reviewed.

I am hoping that this new format will not only increase my blog posts (keeping me accountable), but will also increase readership because ya'll will only have to go to one blog (you can be linked to the food blog from this blog).

2) Changing the Blog format

This blog definitely needs a facelift. It is a bit outdated so I am going to change it around. Additionally, Ivan will not be posting on the blog more than likely. He doesn't really post now, so I am just going to remove the complication of figuring out when he posts or I post.

Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy these changes.... some of them should take place this Monday!
Also, please be understanding as the formatting may be somewhat rough as I am trying out new things.



  1. Hey girl! I had just posted on SITS and saw your post..It a small blogging world after all!!

  2. I did combine my blogs, too, a couple of years ago. I think it was a good decision because it made me see and express my personality as a whole. Happy Fall to you!