Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover-Need your opinion!

So I need your opinion on a question at the end of this blog.. please help me out!!

So this last labor day weekend, Ivan and I embarked upon a large project. We expected to finish it last weekend, and as always, things didn't move as quickly as estimated. I am super bad of course at taking pictures in progress... so there are some substantial gaps in the pictures below.

Anyway, so maybe you will recall this "beginning" picture of our laundry room. We got that plastic shelving system as a temporary solution but it just wasn't holding enough.  Also, see that shelf above the washer and dryer, it was so high and far back that you practically needed a stool to reach it. (Therefore, we ended up just putting stuff on the washer and dryer).

So, task 1 in the project was to paint, but first we wanted to remove that dang shelf. Easier said than done. I started by digging the nails out one by one. That was taking forever, so Ivan tried a different approach: smash the shelf with a hammer until it pops off. Amazingly it worked, with minimal damage to the shelf too. One problem that we had was the brown rod. It was in two panels of wood on the side. It was almost impossible to get the wood or the rod off before the other (they would have to come off together). That would be extremely difficult, so we took a different approach. [ENTER BRANCH TRIMMERS]. Yes, we cut the rod off. It took less than 30 seconds to do it too! However, we noticed the first little hitch in our project.

Yes, that is a hole... all the way through the drywall. Happy day! Anyway, so this was the second of our probably 20 trips to Home Depot. We got two drywall patches, and patched it up. Additionally, the paint on the wall was so thick that I could peel it with my hand. Therefore, we had to spackle the unpainted part just to make it even with the painted section.  

Oh and I forgot to mention we have a TON of cleaning products etc? They have been out in the hallway for over a week. They have finally been put back in their proper places. 

Oh yes, and our walls are textures, so after we spackled, and sanded... we applied texture. See below:

 Luckily the texture dried within 30 minutes so we could start painting. Painting was a whole different story. We had to use 3 coats of the Lemon Souffle (painter+primer). We were NOT happy with that. That type of paint is supposed to cover in 1 coat... and it took 3!

We did paint behind the washer and dryer... we just did it at the end because we couldn't get out of the room when they were moved out.

and... there it is ... all painted!!! Now, for the shelves (and another trip to Home Depot).

Here is Ivan with his new birthday gift (a drill driver, and impact driver set).

 Putting the shelving in.... and this is where I failed to get any more pictures until the very end.

Here is the completed project. The shelf with nothing on it, is larger than all the others and is for folding clothes. Anyway, here is where I need your help/opinion....

I stenciled the shelf like below. I am unsure if it looks tacky or not. I want it too really look put together, so I need your opinion. If it does look tacky, I will just paint it back to white... easy!

Please help!!! Let me know what you think of my shelf.. by leaving a comment.


  1. I think its a fun shelf :)

  2. The stenciling adds a little "pizazz" to the room. Just be sure to topcoat it with a clear (not amber) urethane so the stenciling won't get dinged up as you use the shelf. Russ

  3. Looks great Linz, take Uncle Russ's advice

  4. Did a great job Lindsey. I like the color you picked for the walls.

  5. I think it looks nice. Russ made a good point to make sure you don't get a clear coat that will "yellow". Karla had that happen on a table she painted, you may want to take the extra time to call Karla about that and make sure you get the right stuff. It reminds me of your wedding colors. Maybe when you are folding laundry you will be reminded of your wonderful day when you promised to do Ivan's laundry for the rest of his life. LOL :) mom

  6. Hi, this is Traci from "Three Dogs At HOme". Thanks so much for your comments on my guest post at Living Savvy. In answer to your question, I have not painted my hinges but I have read that others have done it. I would use a good degreaser first.
    I love your paint in the laundry room. Great color.
    Thanks, Traci