Monday, November 7, 2011

Flying and all its Annoyances

So this last weekend, I went down to Florida for my sister's baby shower. I flew out on Friday night (arriving at midnight) and returned on Sunday night (arriving at midnight). It was definitely a long weekend (I will be posting on the actual trip a bit later). This post is about airplanes...and the people on them. There are some things that just erk me when it comes to traveling (I have been flying the last three weeks straight!). I am going to lay them all out:

1) People putting briefcases in overhead bins.

I really don't understand this. The flight attendants say over and over again, please put your small carry on items under the seat in front of you. These people just don't care. They do it anyway. I saw many people have to check their suitcases because people continue to do this! It is so rude! Honestly a good way to fix this problem would be for the flight attendants to start pulling briefcases out and saying "who does this belong to?, sir you need to put this under the seat".... people would not want to be called out like that and I guarantee it would stop.

2) People who don't realize their weight.

I am NOT trying to be rude here. Everyone needs to fly. However, if you weight 200-1000 lbs, you need to be "aware" of it. On both of my flights I had people put their arms on the armrests and basically limit my room. I would have to scoot all the way over the side of my seat and sometimes that wasn't even enough. I am not even talking about hips here. You can't help the size of your hips to some extent. I am talking about arm rests. If you are going to invade the other person's space, don't put your arm on the armrest. My last flight was ridiculous, I seriously almost asked the guy "sir can you please keep your arm in your chair".... because he was playing some game on his phone and his arm was so far in my space that I couldn't move my arms without touching him....

3) People who smell.
Take a shower before you get on a plane... that is all I am going to say!!

4) Chair back pushers

I do not mind people putting their seats back. That is perfectly fine. I do this myself. However, every flight I have been on recently, I get a chair back pusher. This is someone who sits in front of you and bounces against the chair back as if it will go back further. I am certain one of these times, the chair is just going to break and they are going to fall on my lap.

I hate to end this on 4 since it is not an increment of 5... but these are the things I have noticed... Is there anything that bothers you when you fly??


  1. So funny - and so TRUE Lindsey!! That is why I stick to my private pilot - he does everything I want, doesn't push his seat back, doesn't smell and gets me to where I want to go on time and with ease. He doesn't however, allow me to have Diet Coke, or have an available restroom...but I'll keep him all the same! LOL!!!

  2. I am sure thankful that you kept #3 to a minimal here. LOL I know the REAL words you WANTED to say. LOL