Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Morning and cookies!!

Christmas this year was so great. It was so nice to have my family at my house for the actual day. We made Chile Rellano pie together for breakfast. It was delicious as always. We used one different ingredient this year though…. GLUTEN FREE BISQUICK! You never would have known the difference. It made me so happy! Before Christmas we did a lot of baking. My parents made fudge and toffee candy. This stuff is so good (and naturally gluten free).We gave a lot of this as gifts to people. I also spent an entire day making my annual Christmas cookies. Last year I made these ornament cookies. This year I made snowflakes… I don’t know about you but I am in love with them (oh ya… and btw they are gluten free!).

We got some fabulous gifts from my parents this year. They definitely gave us more than they should have.  One of my favorite gifts from them was the Roomba! I am so happy to have this. I found out recently that I have  a SEVERE allergy to dust mites. This is not a typical allergy. Lets just put it this way, I had a mini-asthma attack from the allergy TEST for dust mites. Anyway, we have purchased so much dust mite bedding. The Roomba has already been a life saver. Harmony’s fur has been a mess lately, and  the Roomba has taken care of that.

We also got a bread maker (to make fresh gluten free bread) and a Soda Stream to make our own fresh (and all natural) cream soda. We have used that Soda Stream sooooo much already. I love it. We also used the bread maker to make some delicious French bread.

There were a couple big gifts that Ivan and I gave to each other. Ivan’s main gifts this year were clothes and a large tool box. I also got him a BIG surprise gift. I got him an ASUS laptop that he has been wanting. He really didn’t have a laptop of his own. It was the biggest surprise!

Ivan got me one big gift, a DSLR camera. I really have been wanting to start up a photography business. I really like doing it, and I think that it would be a great side business once I have kids etc. Right now I am just practicing with my camera, and learning photoshop. Once I make some money with this camera (I hope), I will probably upgrade to an even better camera. I am very excited about this!

Harmony also got some Christmas gifts… yummy treats! She is in love with them!  

We had an awesome Christmas. We truly were blessed. Did you have any favorite gifts this Christmas?


  1. Those cookies are so pretty and I bet they were delicious considering how yummy they were last year. How is the photography business coming along? I bet you're having fun getting it up and running :-)

  2. I could not live without our Roomba! Ok, I could....but I wouldn't want to! :-)

    1. Ya! i wish there was a Roomba that dusted and cleaned bathrooms.. haha!