Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...Decor!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ok Ok… so I guess I am jumping the gun a bit. I am just excited, because this is the first year I am decorating for the event. I always decorate for Christmas and ever since I moved in TX, I started decorating for fall. Honestly, I think I would decorate for every holiday (other than St. Pattys and Halloween), if I could.

So, where are the pictures of these decorations? … patience my dear… they are coming. J Just let me get through my normal “babbling” on about it first!

I promised Ivan last year when I got these silk flowers from pottery barn for the dining room table, that I would use them for most of the year. This means that I have to keep them up from Spring to Fall. However, I am in LOVE with cherry blossoms, so it doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, all of my pink flower arrangements are perfect for the spring holidays so they come out right after Christmas. Here are some of the flower arrangements I have made (these are from Garden Ridge... I forgot to take pictures of the pottery barn flowers). 

This is how decorations end up getting created at the Portugal house. Basically, Christmas comes around (or another holiday) and I decide I want a vase, or a apothecary jar for something. Then I find something to fill it with, for that particular holiday. However, when that holiday is over, I don’t want to put the jar, vase, etc away. I now have to find other things to fill it with for other holidays. So I end up with just an overabundance of items to decorate with.

 This year, I added a new fall decoration. If you remember, I blogged about how I created this centerpiece for my family room table.  After its creation, I realized how much I actually liked having a true centerpiece on the table (rather than just a bunch of random items). During Christmas, the table was actually moved to a different spot… so you would think I would just put the centerpiece away, but I guess that is just against my nature.  I put the vases in the bedroom and filled them with fake snow.  Now all the Christmas decorations are all put away, the table is back in its normal spot, and I have been having the urge to fill them with something “springy”.

Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse…. so… what do you think I filled them with?

Ding! You are right (or maybe not... haha)! Conversation heart candy J. I went and grabbed 3 big bags of conversation hearts at Target, for around $3 a pack, so the whole thing was around $9 (since I already had the vases and candles).

I am in love with the new centerpiece. I think I will keep it up for the remainder of the month (before I start putting up Easter decorations). I didn’t really go crazy with Valentines decorations (since I feel like you can’t put them up until Feb 1st, and then they are only up until Feb 14th… of course these are just self-imposed decorating rules). Here are some other apothecary jars that I filled for Valentine’s Day…

What do you think? Have you put up any decorations for Valentine’s Day? 

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  1. No decorations here yet. I'm still looking for heart-shaped kitty treats. But with respect to your candles...mmmm, conversation heart candy.