Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinterest Project-Mr & Mrs

In my previous post, I wrote about my makeup station that was inspired by Pinterest. This next project was also inspired by Pinterest. You may have already seen the project in my bedding post, it is the over the bed letters.  

When I originally set out to do this project, I just wanted all my letters to be oil-rubbed bronze (rather than the colors above). I originally purchased letters from Hobby Lobby that I was going to use for this project. They were this really old fashioned gold and they were all the same size. I know I didn’t like the color, but I figured I would just paint them. I bought a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint+primer. Although I heard great things about this product, I found that it really didn’t grab as well as I thought it would. There were definitely a few nicks here and there where the gold was showing through.  

After painting the letters, I realized my problem. The letters were two big to fit between the posts on the bed. At this point, I almost gave up. However, my mom suggested that I check at Babies R Us, because she saw some letters there. After checking out the letters online, I drove down to Babies R Us, and picked up the letters. The letters were naturally white and they were smaller than the letters from Hobby Lobby. This ended up working out great as you will see below! Although, I ended up spending more time and money on these than I originally planned (and I ended up painting all the Hobby Lobby letters and only using one of them), they actually turned out great, and I love the result!

My mom actually helped me hang them…which was quite a process. We originally centered the "&" symbol on the wall. However, after doing that, we weren’t happy with the result. Therefore, we did the math and centered the entire phrase on the wall.

What do you think? Have you ever completed a project and realized you needed to make a change at the last minute?


  1. I'm doing this exact same project right now and having the exact same problem with the &. It looks weird if it isn't centered over our bed, and looks weird if it is, it makes the letters look odd. We are at a stand still right now and not sure what to do with it.

  2. I think centering the whole thing worked best. We nailed up with the & centered and had to change the whole thing. Center the whole phrase, that is my recommendation.

  3. Thanks for replying so quickly. My husband and I decided to go ahead and leave our & centered and let me letters be offset. It actually didn't turn out as bad as we thought it may, due to the way out bed is made, it don't draw attention to the fact the letters are offset.