Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some house updates... Pottery Barn, IKEA, Bedding, and Lamps

There have been some new developments in the Portugal house. I wanted to share some of our newest additions with you. You know that recently we added new floors to our home-see this post. We also made some changes to our bedroom. 

Last year we purchased some bedding from Star Furniture. Although I loved this bedding at the time, it quickly became an annoyance. I really LOVE pink (which you probably already know if you are a follower of my blog) and well… orange and pink clash. Therefore, I really couldn’t add any pink to the room even during spring! That is when I decided to go for something more neutral. 

I was in LOVE with my Pottery Barn bedding in my apartment in Maryland. The bedding was actually discontinued and wasn’t being sold anymore, yet I just happened to score it via a last minute clearout of old inventory on Pottery Barn’s website. Anyway, I had to move that bedding to the guest room in the Texas house when we got our new furniture (the bedding is  a queen/full and our new bed is a king). This is a picture of the bedding in our Maryland apartment.

Since, I loved my old Pottery Barn bedding, and I was tired of the orange stripes on the current bedding, I decided to spring for a new set at Pottery Barn. I purchased a duvet from their all white collection. Although the bedding wasn’t cheap, I knew I would love it. It really has surpassed my expectation… I love this bedding and how crisp it makes the room feel. I also love how white just makes your room feel so much “cleaner”. I was very hesitant about getting white bedding because our trim in our house is off white. However, I know that we probably won’t live in this house forever, and more than likely I will have white trim in the future. The great thing is that the offwhite and the white actually go fairly well together, this was quite a surprise to me. Take a look!

We also added some additional lighting to our room. I had been searching for lamps for our nightstands for awhile (something I could use to read). I am in LOVE with these beautiful globes from IKEA. We just happened to be shopping there for a shelf (you will hear more about this later), and we just happened to stumble upon these beauties. They have cherry blossoms on them (which again… I LOVE) and they go so well on the night stands. 

Have you ever found something really great at IKEA? Have you ever made a mistake in picking out something for your house (like bedding)? Share your thoughts!


  1. That bedding looks awfully familiar ;-) Of course you know I love it with our white master! I know you love those lamps, especially with the cherry blossoms on it! That's right up your alley!

  2. Those globes are really nice...understated elegance.