Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cork Shoes... I think so!

So this is a weird post, but I am excited about it! I work as a CPA, and as many of you all know, and CPA’s typically wear business casual to work. As a result, I wear a lot of heels during the week. However, because I walk hard on my feet, I go through shoes super quickly! Luckily for me, a couple weeks ago I just received a $10 off coupon for DSW. So, the other day, Ivan and I ventured to DSW to get some black heels. Much to my dismay they really didn’t have ANY! All the shoes were either flats or platform heels. It was ridiculous. I finally found one pair… ONE PAIR… that looked ok. I just prayed that they would fit well. They did! I actually really like them a lot.

However, as I was next to the black shoes, I spotted another pair of shoes (picture that old DSW commercial with the women acting like animals, hunting their prey/shoes). That was totally me! These shoes were basically heels, covered in cork! Then the light bulb went off in my head (picture me here with a cloud bubble over my head in DSW). I needed a new pair of “neutral” shoes. I currently had a pair that I really loved, but it was time for them to go to Goodwill shoe heaven. These would be a perfect replacement, AND they were peep toes… score! So making their debut... here are my new shoes..

Aren’t they just so pretty? I think so! 

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