Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Nifty Fifty (or 28)

As many of you know, I have recently started dabbling in photography. I really would like to break into this business. I got a Canon Rebel T2i camera for Christmas, and although this camera is not the camera I eventually want… it will do for now (I eventually want a Nikon D800 or D4.. ya I know $$$$). So, since I eventually want to switch to Nikon… I was in a bit of a pickle with my current Canon. Do I upgrade the glass (lens) on it… since the kit lens is…well…crappy? Or do I buy the new camera, and the new lenses and just take the hit with the cost upfront? With two photoshoots on the horizon, I needed to make a decision quickly.  Ivan and I decided to compromise. I would upgrade the lens on my Canon. I only needed one good lens to get me through a few photo shoots before I could upgrade my camera. I really wanted a lens with around a 1.4 f-stop. Most full sensor cameras would use a 50mm with a 1.4 f-stop. This lens, coined as a “nifty fifty” lens, is good for just general photography use. Now, I considered getting a 50mm lens. However, since I have a cropped sensor camera, a 50mm converts to about an 80mm (which is just too far for me). I would have to stand too far back from my subject.  So, I found a decently priced 28mm lens with a 1.8 f-stop. This lens converts to about 44.8 mm on my cropped sensor camera. This is perfect. It is almost a 50mm and has a decent f-stop. 

The other day it arrived!!! I couldn’t be more pleased. I love the 1.8 f-stop on this sucker. It is just awesome. I can’t wait for the two photoshoots I have coming up. I am definitely a bit nervous but I am hoping that a little practice between now and then will help. Anyway, I have been reading and studying like crazy. I am super excited. Here is one of the pictures I took with it :) (sadly some of the quality was lost with the file size reduction).


  1. Sadly a LOT of the quality was lost but since I saw the original ones I can vouch for how great the original shot actually was. But I will say that I know who your favorite is since you picked Brittany's favorite over mine to post. Not fair. :)

  2. Nice picture...Ivan makes a good model!