Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Rug Change Up

We have only lived in our home for about 2 years now and we are already replacing some items that we previously purchased. Back in 2011, we searched and searched and searched (you get the picture), for a rug that we would like. We really needed a rug in our family room area because it sort of morphs into the kitchen, eating area without one.
We finally found a rug that we loved at Lowes. See below. It really did fit our d├ęcor.

Now, much to our dismay, we found out that I have a severe (and this is not a joke!) dust mite allergy. So much that I started wheezing as a reaction to the allergy test! Not to mention my skin swelled up where the dust mite test solution just touched my skin. Therefore, around December time we purchased some major heavy duty mattress covers, dust mite proof pillows, and duvet covers. Basically everything in our bedroom has a cover over it. We also now wash our sheets, blankets, and mattress protector once a week. We wash our bedding (duvet and decorative pillow covers) once a quarter (which really scares me because they are delicate and I fear they will get damaged, and we all know replacing Pottery Barn bedding is not cheap!).
As a result of this, my asthma has been feeling a bit better at night and in the mornings. It isn’t perfect and probably never will be due to pollen existing in this universe. However, it is a start for us.

The one thing that we realized was that the rug in our living room was a decent habitat for dust mites. Whether we liked it or not, it had to go. About a month ago we sold the rug (originally around $400) for $140 on Craigslist. I hate Craigslist so much because you can never get a good price for your stuff. Everyone always undercuts you. But what other option is there!? (Seriously, if you know of another option for selling furniture and rugs locally, I would LOVE to know!).

So for the last month we have been searching for the perfect rug. This has NOT been easy. We knew we needed some sort of woven rug, such as jute or sisal, etc. I also wasn’t opposed to having a nice bamboo rug. However, the biggest problem we ran into was that most stores don’t sell these types of rugs. Sure, you can find them at Pottery Barn but they are ridiculously expensive.

One of my friends (Cheryl) told me about IKEA. I looked online and sure enough they had a few natural fiber rugs. I was a little nervous because the rug we had previously was an 8x10 and IKEA’s largest size was 6’7”x9’5” (or something like that). I figured we would just bite the bullet and try it out. It was the only rug in IKEA’s selection that didn’t feel like it would seriously be exfoliating our feet every day. We got it home, unrolled it, and well…. It just didn’t fit. I loved the rug but it was just too brown and thick for the area. When I compared it to the nice ones at Pottery Barn, it was just a lot thicker and darker. It didn’t work. However, thanks to IKEA’s return policy, it went quickly back to the store.

Then we were basically in the same position as we were before. We would have loved to purchase a bamboo rug but all of these had to be ordered online. After our IKEA rug fiasco, I was really nervous to order anything from online. That would be a “pain in the butt” to return! I was not going to ship a huge rug back. So, we decided to check around locally. We finally stumbled upon World Market.

We started looking through their rugs and landed on one that looked promising. It was a 100% jute rug but it was BRIGHT ORANGE! Ack! That would not go with the red sofas. So we kept looking through the rack… bingo… there was the SAME rug in an avocado green. I fell in love with it instantly and it was $30 cheaper than the IKEA rug! It was a little bit smaller than the IKEA rug but again, we figured we could return it if it didn’t fit right. My only concern with this rug was that it was green (I know… I just said I loved the green)! Well, we have red sofas. You tell me, what comes to your mind when I say red and green… um Christmas! I looked a bit further and I found the same rug in brown but it just didn’t look as “pretty”. Not to mention, someday I will get rid of these red sofas, and I didn’t want to eliminate the option of having brown sofas (brown sofas + brown rug=bleck!). So, we decided to buy the green rug.

Well, I have to say, we got it home and I think it looks great. If I could adjust anything, I think I wish it was a little bit wider, but all that said, it looks good in the room. I was also surprised that it doesn’t look very “Christmas-y” either…so that is good! The only thing that was a little weird about the rug was that it had a mildew/grass smell. I wasn’t sure if this was normal. I checked online and multiple people mention that smell. It may be a bit of a mildew smell but it will go away over time as the rug dries out. So that is good. I guess jute is very sensitive to moisture so a bit of baking soda on it will also help. So here it is... (excuse the mess in the pictures). So what do you think? 


  1. Nice rug! A simple design that doesn't say "Look at me!" and a muted color that goes well witht he floor and sofa. Good choice.

  2. Make that "with the floor"...